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    Bali requires pcr test over christmas Basically air passengers from 18th December to 4th Jan have to get pcr. Seems like a good idea to me.
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    Tailor recommendations in Jakarta

    Anyone got any tailor recommendations for Jakarta? Not laxmi please, any others?
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    Singapore Green Lane Travel Opening

    So it seems that travel between Singapore and Indonesia for business and essential reasons will reopen but from what i read it is only for Singaporean citizens and residents as well as Indonesian citizens. So does that exclude residents of Indonesia who are not citizens? Wasn't thinking about a...
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    Omnibus Jobs Bill

    So the government passed the Omnibus jobs bill quickly and somewhat secretively, all whilst deterring protests about it. Whilst that doesn't seem good for democracy maybe it was the only way to pass it and make some desperately needed changes to employment laws in Indonesia. Saying that though...
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    Upcoming changes to home ownership laws?

    I saw this posted somewhere and thought id share. I dont subscribe to straits times so i didnt see the full page and I havent heard of this from anywhere else: Anyone...
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    Religious education for dual nationality kids

    Recently some of the international schools have started to enforce religious education as well as Bahasa Indonesia lessons for dual nationality kids. Im just curious for the teachers on this site if this is the same in your schools and if there is an age cutoff - seems harsh to enforce religious...
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    How do you guys invest?

    Im curious for UK, Aussie or US expats in Indonesia on how you are investing. Do you use a company such as vanguard and if so do you use an address in a home country as i dont think they allow Indonesian residents? Or if not Vanguard is there another company that you use? Im a bit of a doom...
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    Online Shopping from Overseas

    I've recently started to try out Aliexpress. Bought some items and not delivered yet but so far so good. I remember some threads before mentioning the amount for duty free (ie below $XX is duty free) but i searched and couldnt find it. Does anyone know the amount? I can try to split shipments to...
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    TV Providers

    Hi everyone. I've been using tv and internet from myrepublik for a while now and I find the internet service to be excellent but the TV offering extremely lacking. I used to have first media which was the exact opposite and significantly more expensive. I do stream with Netflix but was recently...
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    2019 predictions

    Ok time to channel your inner Nostradamus….so what do you think will happen in 2019? Can be anything such as: 1. Jokowi winning election but only after the country gets dragged through a messy nasty election full of mud slinging and way too much Nasi bungkus politics. 2. Liverpool messing up...
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    Anyone here know anything about insulation?

    Ive been trying to find insulation for my house. Its ideally both for noise and to make the ac's a bit more efficient but im really struggling; partly because i know very little about it but also because its hard to find knowledgeable contractors in Indonesia. Most ones i have talked to only...
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    Another Blasphemy Charge

    Seems the woman who complained about the Mosque volume which triggered sectarian violence ending in a Buddhist temple being burned down is facing 1.5 years punishment. Just crazy...
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    Immigration Clampdown?

    Hi all....i have received this by email from several people saying that immigration going to have a clampdown next week. Personally i think the idea of having to carry around an original passport at all times is crazy but i guess no choice? IMMIGRATION OPERATION FOR MONITORING FOREIGN...
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    Does anyone know tokopedia's policy on returns? I looked through their terms and conditions but couldn't find anything which suggests that once it is delivered then too late or up to the seller. This is a shame as the pitfall of online shopping this that sometimes the item is just not right and...
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    Vincente Fox running for USA President

    Funniest thing I've seen in a while. If mods want to move it from News to a another funny thread then please go ahead.
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    Time interview with Yahya Cholil Staquf from NU Nothing particularly new but I felt that his view points were well presented
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    Housing Zones

    Not sure if this is right place so if it needs moving let me know. So i live in what was once a quiet 2 lane residential road in South Jakarta. Not a big road and not on the general traffic path. A few years back someone setup a small warehouse for gas and water distribution center which has...
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    Credit Card Fraud

    Hi all. A while back i had my credit card stolen and a bunch of transactions on the card before i managed to report it missing (i didn't notice it). I went to the back and disputed all of the charges saying that they clearly weren't me and that the merchant should have checked the card. After a...
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    Fast ISP's in Jakarta

    Hi Everyone, I currently use a very expensive Internet / TV bundling from First Media and i feel its time to cut the cable, pull the plug....and move to internet only. I have used FM for many years and they provide a pretty good service but the very high price seems to be based on there legacy...
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    Jakarta Post Charging now?

    Suddenly i cant open up articles on the Jakarta post....I need to subscribe for 150k a month. Is this a new thing? Real shame as I do read the paper (online) but cant be bothered to pay for it as so many other news outlets available.

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