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  1. Hbm

    Covid 19 "jabs" for kitas/kitap holders ?

    Had my 1st shot on 5th of March, 2nd shot will be 5th of April. No issues, showed KTP and KK, done within an hour in Jakarta Selatan
  2. Hbm

    BPJS and Retirement KITAP

    By the way fp17, we will certainly do whatever is good for our family as it has worked great for us so far. Your last comment in particular, telling me what I should or should not do, is just background noise, which certainly does not require to be addressed further.
  3. Hbm

    BPJS and Retirement KITAP

    We are not assuming anything, and neither do we go with hearsay, we verify with officials. And as a contrast to your negative views of local officials, we don't share that view. Examples; my wife and I have processed my kitas and my current kitap (up for renewal next year) by ourselves without...
  4. Hbm

    BPJS and Retirement KITAP

    Interesting comments from you about the other posts on this topic, lecturing others and ranting about hear say while you believe that one cannot be added to their spoused KK, which the officials already told us on the phone that you can. Anything useful you can add to the discussion would be...
  5. Hbm

    BPJS and Retirement KITAP

    In my case as orang asing with Indonesian spouse; we verified today with sudin Jakarta Barat, and what I have put in Bold in your comment we believe is correct, or have a joint KK which is also mentioned in your comment.
  6. Hbm

    BPJS and Retirement KITAP

    to be on your Indonesian spouses KK, not possible when you are still on your 5 year KITAP, once you renew indefinitely I think it is possible.
  7. Hbm

    BPJS and Retirement KITAP

    that seems to be incorrect as I had a discussion with one of the expatindo members on fb regarding, his situation; 70 years old, not working (but worked in the past in Indonesia), spouse sponsored kitap, separate KK, went to bpjs with his wife, pp and kitap and was issued a bpjs card a few days...
  8. Hbm

    Suggestions for building a house

    Love the video, tx for sharing 😂
  9. Hbm

    Suggestions for building a house

    Lesson learned :sneaky:, allowed, not allowed? All the same, even if not allowed by law it will be allowed if you know someone who knows someone :ROFLMAO:.
  10. Hbm

    Suggestions for building a house

    Love the topic, love all the comments. Been in Indonesia on and off for the last 30 years and I so recognize all the experiences. Our family (where my wife is Indonesian) have been living in a number of places, and until now always rented. The quality of houses being constructed is shocking...

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