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  1. kratos

    Deadly Jail Riot Near Indonesian Capital Is Claimed by ISIS

    Deadly Jail Riot Near Indonesian Capital Is Claimed by ISIS Looking serious here Mod note: I've edited the thread because, once again, a full article was pasted here. As a reminder, pasting full articles is against our posting...
  2. kratos

    Meet Ian, the poor bule

    His name is Ian He said that he lives at Tangerang. 4 months ago his wife kicked him outta house. No he lives with no money.... A joke, stunt or real? Could've easily apply to EF for extra cash...
  3. kratos

    From Thailand with ties...

    A hooker gott caught in Thailand for conducting sex class, claimed she has evidence connecting Trump to Russia. She is asking the US embassy to hELP her outta jail OH WOW
  4. kratos

    United States May Help Expand Saudi Nuclear Capability

    I know guns don't kill people But giving Saudi the nuke? That's new
  5. kratos

    The Curse of the Egg returns: 12-year-old boy lays 7 eggs, doctors baffled

    I cant find the serious news in english bout this But the doctors did an x ray too and found more eggs inside his body Is the kid drunk ? or he swallow all of those eggs? black magic ? anyone ? any idea ?
  6. kratos

    KK & Birth certificate

    Guys Got a question here. Friend of mine married overseas with Australians. Baby were born there. Then they relocate down here. The mother still WNI (husband WNA) , held KTP, and they plan to make KK and Birth certificate Question is, is that even possible ? or the husband need to convert WNI...
  7. kratos

    Alcohol permits- Jakarta

    Dear Mods You may remove the thread if its not suitable here Hello guys Anyone knows how much is alcohol selling permits (SIUP MB) costs in Jakarta ? Official/ non officially ( if theres any). Or maybe someone here would also like to share the "dynamic" of having one here at Jakarta ? Satpol...
  8. kratos

    Alternative snacks

    Anyone knows where I could find haggis or escamoles down here.... Would like to try those but not Balut.... Not mentally ready yet...
  9. kratos

    Lartas on Textiles

    Anyone on a regular import businesses heard this ? Lots of forwarders are under RED LINE, there is plan by government that Bulk Package (Borongan) is going to be terminated soon. Our company is dealing with regular textile/clothing imports and we just got informed that the commodity is under...
  10. kratos

    Interesting TV Series

    So Recently, I scrolled down some of the TV Series websites like At first, I just wanted to see some of the good alternatives shows, after Walking Dead... That show became weirder... Then I came across "The Man in The High Castle" and "Lucifer" Fascinated me so much, good...
  11. kratos

    Coachsurfing event, June 12th

    I came across a website recently called Coachsurfing Its a web about travelers who are looking for free accommodation all around the world, so they say I heard they'd have party next monday at The hooi, anyone from this forum coming in ? Oh btw, I'm new to that site though...
  12. kratos

    "THESE monkeys are gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse."

    Maybe they'd form a gangsta alliance if we just let this happen, long enough.... Anyone experienced moments with these monkeys ?
  13. kratos

    For those of you who dont believe in magic..

    Just tell me what kind of trick this guy is playing.... I just dont know dude, this is the whole new level....
  14. kratos

    East Bali Cashew: Premium Ramadan Gift

    NEED A GOOD CORPORATE GIFT ? or perhaps Gift for Friends, Relatives, Colleagues who celebrates Lebaran/ Ramadhan ? NOW AVAILABLE : East Bali Cashew Premium Package Specifications: - 16 packages (20gr) 4 flavoured cashews plus Dates (Kurma) - Suitable snacks for Diet or beer companion...
  15. kratos

    Science Behind Dark Humor

    ...but the study came to the conclusion that your love of gallows humor may simply mean you’re very intelligent and emotionally stable...
  16. kratos

    Lapor! 1708

    Ever had troubles with bureaucracy or government offices ? I found this applicwtion quite useful and effective like QLUE. It connects your complain to special president bureau then passing it on to concerned department's . A friend complained about kelurahan guy asked for 20k...
  17. kratos

    What are the chances ?

    Dear Mod You can remove this thread if it doesnt belong here... Anyways What are the chances /eligibilities for Iranian nationality with Celta/Tesol/English degree to come down here and teach English ? I mean I know the "5 nation native speaker rules". However if the guy is qualified, does...
  18. kratos

    Graphology = Refresh

    Guys I'm refreshing my old Graphology knowledge. If any of you might be interested to get a free analysis , you could send the writing specimen to me, the longer the sample, the deeper the analysis.... or could be just a photo of someone signature.... Thanks
  19. kratos

    Would Arsene Wenger get kicked out by the end of the season ?

    Saw the game last night, Arsenal Vs Bayern Muenchen (1 -5) I think Arsenal would kick this guy out after incident with Sanchez and Trophy absent for a decade. Arsene turned the Club into a great Football Academy, but no more than that..... What do you say ?
  20. kratos


    So guys, What do you think are these ?

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