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    Did Immigration officer visit house for kitas process?

    I applied for KITAP conversion from my KITAS in jkt 2 weeks ago. 4 immigration officers came to my place exactly a week later without any prior warning. I happened to be out and they were nice enough to wait about an hour for me to get home. No visits whatsoever when i applied/renewed my KITAS.
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    Twitter Wars: Bali vs. Kristen Gray
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    Air Asia starting to cancel.

    My airasia flight got cancelled from sg to jkt, no email whatsoever. Only found out at the airport when i was going to drop off my bags at the counter. Managed to book a flight on garuda.
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    There is a housing complex on top of Thamrin City Mall, and Jakarta's netizens are losing their minds.

    Pretty similar to the complex on top of MOI in Kelapa Gading.
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    Suggestions for building a house

    @El_Goretto thanks for clarifying! From my understanding, Andra Matin's fees are upwards of 800.000/m2, depending on the size.
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    Suggestions for building a house

    Budi pradono or andra matin between 300.000 to 500.000? That would be a steal if it's true!
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    Recommend me a TV series....

    I personally enjoy watching Narcos. Season 3 is set to be released on the 1st of Sept.

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