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    Online money changer

    Does anyone use any, and if so can you give any recommendations?
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    Native English speakers are the world's worst communicators

    Interesting article that I've found while reading about Bali volcano eruption on BBC website.
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    cashless highway

    Today on my way back to Cikarang I heard in the radio and also I have seen a banner saying that "Since 31 October all the gates in the toll will stop accepting money and the only way to use the toll would be by having one of the available pre-paid toll cards". Is it going to be on all tolls in...
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    Pasar senen dibakar - Jakarta

    Yesterday on the morning I got news that Pasar Senen in Jakarta (block 3?) was burning. Since I was on my way to Jakarta I was expecting some disturbance on the roads ... however my journey went without any problems (thanks to waze I guess). I wonder which one pasar is going to be next. I do...
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    No premium SPBU

    Already few weeks passed and I noticed that there is a shortage of premium on SPBU (those that I have tried) here in Cikarang. In Bandung I fuel pretamax so I am not aware of any premium issues there. I got the pertalite for now. Did anyone noticed something similar in their areas? I am not...
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    Less zeros....

    Finally ... my calculator is running out of zeros ...
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    Online shopping

    Recently I was searching around in Cikarang for external hard drives enclosures. I have two "naked" HDD that need some casing so I can use them plus one of my enclosure got broken (loose micro USB socket). So I was looking for 3 of them. I went to maybe 4-5 stores but the cheapest quote was 120...
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    So Indonesia is not so bad ...right?

    We are always having chit-chat about air pollution in Indonesia but it seems .... it is "not that bad" comparing it to this:
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    Indonesia castration law 'will wipe out paedophilia'
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    UK pound down....

    I just checked the exchange rates on google and it says: 1GBP - 16793 IDR I remember when I came to Indonesia 2012 Sept I got 1 GBP to 15 000 IDR. Now it is only 1800 rp more. USD is oscillating around 13 000 rp mark but it is rather steady comparing to GBP currency downfall.
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    The 3-kg LPG canisters will not be available for purchase with cash

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    AC maintenance

    We are just having our AC maintenance done in Bandung. The cost is around 75 rb rp. per one AC unit. I hope this information would be useful for someone who is thinking about doing it. From what I have been said AC checkup + full washing service should be done every 6 months. I have done...
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    Birds and cages

    Why people in Indonesia like to have birds in cages so much? I don't think it is so popular in Europe. I realize it is maybe some sort of hobby, good business ect... but have you also maybe noticed that there are not as many birds in Indonesian Cities? I am asking my question today after my...

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