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  1. Anfooshi

    Building Material

    I am wanting to build a house, but based on my experience of renting homes here and visiting new home sites I think building a home can be a better option. I do agree earthquake resistance should be considered, but a proper foundation is the key. I am not sure if they incorporate a Geotechnical...
  2. Anfooshi

    Building Material

    At this point, I am only in the discovery phase of a potential new Home project. I want to explore what new materials are available to termite proof a foundation, seal gaps, insulate, and waterproof all aspects of the home, including the roof. The type of windows available are very important to...
  3. Anfooshi

    Building Material

    Anyone have a clue on building material stores? Something like a Lowes or Home Depot. I am looking for a supplier to builders not just consumers. Near Tangerang selatan.
  4. Anfooshi

    Must Sell Furniture from UK

    I'm interested in the couch sofa bed.
  5. Anfooshi

    Advice on Teaching Career Path

    Thanks for the advice Lee and ChrisTex. I am not sure on University of the People as a respected institution in this present day. I think a salary goal would be 36 million IDR or more which may be a reach in this economic climate.
  6. Anfooshi

    Advice on Teaching Career Path

    I was hoping to get some advice on increasing my credentials to obtain a high paying teaching position in Indonesia. I hold a B.S. in Science, Technology, & Society from the USA. A TEFL, 120 hour, and a Cambridge TKT-YL. My teaching experience includes 1 year in-class instruction in English...
  7. Anfooshi

    A lot of rental housing for offer I find only has 1500W electricity is this normal

    We had this problem at a new rental home. PLN had a special promo and we contacted the owner who upgraded the service. It took PLN 10 minutes to do it. Just a change of fuse and readding your balance to the machine. It was cheap and the owner paid it. I think we are sitting at 3300w now.
  8. Anfooshi

    teacher resigning early-financial penalty?

    This issue is so common we should have a questionnaire for the OP to fill so we have all the info from them.
  9. Anfooshi

    Netflix + Indihome = working

    So, I just updated the Netflix app and thought I should check if its working based on some news articles. Anyone else confirming its working for them too?
  10. Anfooshi

    Indonesian’s beliefs regarding ghosts, especially children

    My wife's nephew also says he sees them. Although from an Islamic perspective there are jinn, made of smokeless fire, or what scientists would call a state of plasma, my wife does not see them. I do not either, thank goodness. I think its important to empower her to defend herself and not be...
  11. Anfooshi

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    If I'm not mistaken, I believe nicotine is produced by the tobacco plant as a defense mechanism against pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and pests. Much like THC is produced for the same reasons plus for UV protection of the plant and flowers. Although the origin animal or plant has...
  12. Anfooshi

    Leaving contract early - financial penalty

    Since I can relate to this last year, I sympathize with you. But, if you stick it out you will be stronger in the end. It's not like back home. Wherever home is. But, that's what we were looking for. Something different. After the 6 month mark it's much easier to put up with the bull honky...
  13. Anfooshi

    Saxophone reeds

    Wow, thanks.
  14. Anfooshi

    Any USA expat labor lawyers here?

    Just wondering if there are any members whom are USA labor lawyers or judges on our community platform.
  15. Anfooshi

    Saxophone reeds

    Looking for reeds for an Alto sax.
  16. Anfooshi

    Tip to process Vitas in Singapore

    There are some cheap hotels on Alistair road or street. Not far from the embassy but also not walking distance. Make sure you photocopy your passport after you have recieved the Singapore entry stamp or you will be denied a room since you will have left your passport at the embassy. *emphasis...
  17. Anfooshi

    English teacher with Japanese support skills

    Job Title: Online English teacher Job Location: Remote/ online Job Description: English instructor for Japanese adult students. Business English instruction using outlined lesson plans. Focusing on presentation in meetings, participation in meetings, writing, or conversation. *Must have Japanese...
  18. Anfooshi

    Australian Money Transfers

    I also use transferwise successfully for transfers to Indonesia and my bank in the USA. My backup plan for large transfers would be Citibank, since they have branches in Indonesia and the USA. I heard Citibank to citibank would be free but have not confirmed this. It's easy to open a savings...
  19. Anfooshi

    Mixed Religion Marriages That Become Unmixed

    Wow, intentionally rude. Figures.

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