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    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    Yep, same happened to my wife here in Bali. And of course she didn't noticed before getting home ......
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    Missing Submarine

    Sad to see that officials continue to spread loads of b.....cks Retrieve it to examine it at the surface ? He doesn't know what he is talking about... "Pristine condition..." sure, a 40 y old unit, knowing the maintenance standards in the region ! Act of God, act of nature .....My goodness...
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    Missing Submarine

    There are no Exocet or Harpoons on subs. No missiles on subs build in the 70's The only reason there have been big recovery operations on subs is because it were recent, modern ones, and the country who owns it doesn't want the opposite party to lay hand on it. Last example the russian Koursk...
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    Missing Submarine

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    Missing Submarine

    They are professionals, they come to the rescue. It's what people at sea do, but at the same time they are also fully aware of the probable situation.
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    Missing Submarine

    Another possible cause could be a Snorkel (schnorchel) malfunction. This is the device that allows the sub to take air in.for its diesel engines when at periscope depth. As the accident happened just after diving, it could be a snorkel that did not close properly when diving. Happened a few...
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    Missing Submarine

    Dear, the submarine world is a harsh one. The vessel is worth NOTHING anymore. It is now a wreck. And it was not worth much as it was 40y old, probably one of the oldest still in service worldwide. Now, technically it SHOCKS me that such a small unit, with a usual crew of 34 / 35 took nearly 20...
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    Missing Submarine

    The max diving depth for this sub was 250 m. Now you may consider a safety marging, say to 350 m, but probably cancelled by the age of the unit. The news reports say it was lost in an area 700 m deep. In that case sadly it will have been crushed by the sea pressure. Now the original cause of the...
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    Indonesian born children speaking exclusively English

    Well, in the case of my kids, they are not genies.They started school in France, later when we moved back to Thailand, they went to a (proper) Thai school. Struggled a bit the first year, but it came very fast. At home the usual language was always French, even if their mom insisted on speaking...
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    Where's my sober people at?

    Depends what you call "drinking" ?
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    Travel and the Rapid Test

    Fully vacinated you can still carry the virus and transmit it to others. (just that it won't harm YOU), Now, if the majority of the population is vaccinated, everybody is supposed to be safe. But Indo is not yet there. Although some serious efforts done in Bali.
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    Indonesian born children speaking exclusively English

    Spot on. My kids are "native" in Thai and French, without accent at all English being their 3rd language. At home they switch without hesitation from one to the other. When I was a kid I did the same between French and Flemish (Dutch).
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    Indonesian born children speaking exclusively English

    Not if it is your 2nd or 3rd "native language" And yep, for kids 2 or.3 languages is very easy.
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    Indonesia: Expat friendly or not?

    Spot on. Same as I always have done. I don't try to mix with the locals anywhere. I learned to create my own little world / bubble, which in fact is simply a copy of my life and customs in my country. To answer the OP : I think there is no universal answer, it all depends mainly on you and...
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    Indonesian Term Deposits

    HSBC lowered their interest rate on their High Rate Deposit Account (or whatever they call it) . It used to be 4%, but as they "charge" around 30% on the monthly interest (tax, fee, ? ?) You had net just over 3%. Now they lowered the "gross rate" to 3%, and as they still apply the 30% charge...
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    New 5 Year Visa Option Starting To Take Shape

    Thats counting without inflation ?
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    Info: Covid-19 Vaccination sign-ups for 60+ year old people.

    Update : Missus had hers yesterday (Sanur, Astra Zenica). Little bit headache, little pain in the upper arm, no fever. Organisation was OK according to her, except that they managed to make a one letter mistake in her name, and put a wrong tel number on the certificate. Lucky her, the KTP...
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    The Uyghur and China discussion thread

    We, the "educated, developped West" has IMO no business in "teaching" other countries how to run their internal politics. As simple as that. That is basically a form of neo colonialism. We have seen how well that works out. Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq etc ...... And the irony is that...
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    Info: Covid-19 Vaccination sign-ups for 60+ year old people.

    The comments I heard from several local people in Bali that had the 1st jab go from "nothing" to "headache, fever, soar arm" Missus is having hers today, wait and see. I gently declined. Only reason I would have it is if it became mandatory to enter my homecountry, any other travel I have no...
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    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    Indeed, asking for the vaccine + the PCR test but still asking for a 5 day quarantine would be pushing it a bit far !

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