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  1. jstar

    Happy new lunar year / 新年好 ?

    All the best in the year of the rat...
  2. jstar

    Math - multiplication

    This is rather popular on social media here. Interesting different approaches... Now with our son having done elementary school in the USA, I know the -let's call it Dutch (not Asian!)- method on the right, is also taught in similar versions over there. And the advantage of the...
  3. jstar

    Immigration ? Talking about websites

    It always has been a bit messy the previous years. There have been multiple attempts to streamline and offer online applications. But now we're in a situation where it becomes very unclear what to use for what. Examples: This website is from December 2017...
  4. jstar

    Certification to get married ??‍?‍??

    Great idea again. The coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (Muhadjir Effendy) plans a marriage certification program as a condition for marriage. He gave an explanation to the Indonesian press, in which he told that every individual who wants to get married should get...
  5. jstar

    Winner of The Voice in Germany ...

    .... is Claudia Emmanuela Santoso from Indonesia (Cirebon). That’s quite an achievement. Normally I don’t care for these (Simon Cowell & Endemol) programs and I’m not interested in those X Idol / X got talent / X Factor shows but I think The Voice is one of the better ones Well, the...
  6. jstar

    Video Gaming restrictions ?

    In China: Now normally I’m against governmental interventions at this scale and on this level, but if I see what some nephews do all night....
  7. jstar

    Kidnapping & blackmail of British citizen

    A weird story in the news. In Jakarta, the police arrested 4 police officiers and 2 citizens (a colleague and his girlfriend) who kidnapped and blackmailed a British citizen (Matthew Simon C.). This abduction and extortion case began when victim Matthew, on October 29, 2019, told his...
  8. jstar

    Mancing ? / Sport Fishing ?

    We have some family and friends visiting us and they are into sport fishing (angling). They obviously would like to go to places here. It could be fresh water (their preference) but also sea fishing. Now there is an option to make a stop in Thailand since there are some very nice spots at...
  9. jstar

    Login works again (Saturday 25th)

    I had problems since last night as probably everybody. @El_Goretto fixed it Now hopefully WA will also return back to normal, still can’t send pictures...
  10. jstar

    HUAWEI the 3rd player?

    The latest developments on this Chinese technology supplier are going very fast. It seems we can expect, next to Google (Android) and Apple (iOS) another big player on the market. Just like Oppo etc., this brand is huge in INDONESIA. But the market penetration in Europe etc. should also not be...
  11. jstar

    Wednesday 22 May mass demonstration ⛔️

    Quite amazing that only the US and German embassies seem to take it serious and are warning their citizens three days in advance.
  12. jstar

    Mobile App Payment Systems

    We all know OVO and GoPay by now of course. They are heavily competing for the customers by offering cash backs which can easily top 20%. And with the heavy use of GoCar and Grab, it seems credit cards are used less and less. In the malls every self respecting restaurant offers deals with these...
  13. jstar

    Thin line between begging, demanding and requesting donasi

    . The closer we get to Lebaran, the more you see people asking for donations etc. Satpam etc. address residents in the hope to get more individually. And more and more (street) beggars have moved to the cities. Now this is a special case though: A group of men (some refer to them as FPI but I...
  14. jstar

    Fossil Fuel subsidies, current state of affairs and impact

    To take the discussion about to (subsidize and) electrify or not, about fossil fuel cars and their impact on health and climate, and about the capacity of the electrical grid of RI out of the somewhat lighter New Cars thread, I created this one. The IMF working document -although it's sometimes...
  15. jstar

    Not a bad deal...

    HSBC offers an IDR deposito in combination with a credit card, which runs for three months and gives you (in total) a 7.8% After taxation and costs. The catch is that you'd have to deposit 550 Juta and spend 15 Juta with that credit card in a period of two months. Without the credit card, the...
  16. jstar

    Using Indonesian debit card abroad

    Since the elections had not take place yet, and the € had dropped quite a bit, 'she who is in control' instructed me -after some testing at ATM machines in my home country which gave very positive rates- to take quite some euro in cash directly from the Indonesian rupiah accounts, using a debit...
  17. jstar

    'Indonesian' Rum

    . A long time ago, together with the Caribbean islands, the Netherlands East Indies were an important producer of rum. And the product had a rather good name. One of the few -if not the only- producers left on Java is Naga. Well, so I thought. But then I found out via a French website it is in...
  18. jstar

    Photo series 'Sinking Cities, Jakarta' wins price

    Quite some photography and camera buffs here, so this might be interesting: Cynthia Boll has won the rather prestigious Dutch journalistic photographic price the Silver Camera. It is already in its 70th edition. Here you can see an article about the price, and the pictures of the particular...
  19. jstar

    To Flood or not to Flood....banjir? karungisasi!

    As we all know, Jakarta is sinking. And moving the capital to another island seems to be another brain fart à la a second airport in Bali. Without going into yes/no games on the hoax content of melting ice caps and rising sea levels, it is a matter of time before we get a city similar to...
  20. jstar

    Where is Lion Air JT610?

    This is the flight between Jakarta Soekarno Hatta and Pangkal Pinang close to Sumatra. The plane took off at 6.20 AM and lost contact at 6.33 this morning. It doesn't look good.

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