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  1. Vanuatu

    Demolishing bars for Bulan Suci

    Read this today and my question is are they going to rebuild them for the owners on June 5th? Should they also demolish all restaurants each morning and rebuild them in the evening?
  2. Vanuatu

    Need help in defending yourself after your next planned assassination?

    I received this unsolicited solicitation from an attorney this morning via FB messenger, he seems to cover the majority of my transgressions: This is my identity [HIDDEN] i work as Public Defenders (Lawyer) Indonesian Advocates’ Association (Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia/PERADI) at...
  3. Vanuatu

    A classic case of True Love

    One would think that she would be embarrassed to post the details of her engagement, makes you wonder what she did the second night that was that much better than the first night, to go from a new car as a gift to a $300,000 USD watch...
  4. Vanuatu

    Funny if it wasn't so sad

    From this article comes one of the funnier lines from today's paper: [FONT=Acta-Book]Accompanied by four other judges, Sumpeno said they could not grant Corruption Eradication...
  5. Vanuatu

    Saudi Arabia Uncovered

    Has anyone else watched this documentary? : or It would be nice to have this translated to Indonesian and shown around the country to see if the people really want to become more like this, although it can be...
  6. Vanuatu

    KITAP first renewal question

    Has anyone recently completed the first renewal on their spouse sponsored KITAP in Jakarta? I'm currently living out of the country (flew in to renew my MERP last year) but my KITAP will expire in March of 2017. I plan to fly into Jakarta in February to renew my KITAP, but as I need to take...

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