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  1. lifelongexpat

    Expired Passport - Valid KITAP

    I know someone who's been here around 15 years. Married to a local lady and a KITAP holder. The issue is, his passport expired 7 months ago. I'm assuming this is going to come and bite him in the backside sooner rather than later. However, he seems to think as long as his KITAP is valid he's...
  2. lifelongexpat

    Name Change for WNI

    My wife would like to change her name legally. She was precious Muslim but converted to Protestant for us to get married last year. Her parents gave her a rather Arabic sounding name (3 to be precise). Therefore she wants to just keep the first name which she tells me is used by both Muslims and...
  3. lifelongexpat

    Barebones/Dormant PT Cost

    I'd be interested to know what the cost of registering a local PT company would be and keep it in good standing with the local authorities? It would initially be a legal entity and kept dormant during the development phase. I've seen a few prices on websites that are in English, but the...
  4. lifelongexpat

    KITAS Irregularity

    I finally got my spouse sponsored kitas but there's a slight irregularity. My employer used their usual agent to process it all for me (at no cost to me) but the agent for some unknown reason got the telex approved under my old passport number. So when I went to Singapore to collect the vitas...
  5. lifelongexpat

    High School Carries Out Surprise Pregnancy Tests

    Whatever will they dream up next...
  6. lifelongexpat

    A sign of the times?

    I first heard about this late last night and was shocked. Some guy barged into a prayer meeting (which apprently had been sanctioned) with a hacksaw and axe making a huge commotion even when there were quite a few young children present. The video towards the bottom shows what happend. I'm...
  7. lifelongexpat

    Tales of Dissapointnent from ISIS Returnees

    Perhaps the mainstream media here should really go to town and promote the hell out of these tales to deter more foolish people from signing up.
  8. lifelongexpat

    Virginity Tests Before Marriage?

    How about subjecting all politicians, judges and civil servants to an honesty/morals test first before taking up a position? Strap them up to a lie detector and see how it goes. Q: Do you promise to always be honest and never engage in corruption? A: Of course I do.... BUZZZZ...
  9. lifelongexpat

    91% Of Indonesian Muslim's Favour Shariah Law

    I wonder where they found all the participants for this survey.
  10. lifelongexpat

    BI Forbids Double Swiping of Cards

    I've always felt uncomfortable with having my card swiped twice. Next time it happens to me, I'll challenge the cashier.
  11. lifelongexpat

    FPI Volunteer to go and Fight in Myanmar

    They'll soon hurry back as they'll find the Burmese won't just stand around and do nothing like the Indonesian police.
  12. lifelongexpat

    No Domicile Anywhere in Indonesia

    I'm wondering has anyone come across a situation like this. When you move out of one place technically and get your exit papers from the kelurahan, they erase you from their system. However when moving to the new place, you are not accepted by the new kelurahan and your exit papers have...
  13. lifelongexpat

    NU 'Against' Full Alcohol Ban

    For those of you who enjoy a beer or the odd tipple here and there, perhaps this is welcome news :)
  14. lifelongexpat

    5 Day School Week Protest
  15. lifelongexpat

    The Ghost of Pancasila?
  16. lifelongexpat

    Consultants Kitas

    I've come across several people during my stay here who are employed as consultants but in reality work in different roles. Based on what I've seen, the people are usually above 60 (beyond the cut off date for a regular kitas) or may not have the credentials to be employed as regular employees...
  17. lifelongexpat

    Dentist in Jakarta

    I broke a tooth while on holiday in Bali 6 weeks ago and now it's starting to ache. So I'm guessing it would be a root canal/extraction. I'm more biased towards extraction as the last root canal I had done wasn't very pleasant (had to find a dentist licensed to sedate patients with Valium)...
  18. lifelongexpat

    Renting Kiosk Space in Jakarta Malls

    Was just curious if anyone had any experience or idea what the form is for renting space for a kiosk in a mall (food and beverage) e.g. 2m x 2m or 3m x 2m. I just ask as my wife is a bit bored at home and is interested to start some kind of small venture. Any meaningful input is appreciated.
  19. lifelongexpat

    British Passport Renewal - Pleasantly Surprised

    I've just renewed my British Passport and I'm pleasantly surprised. All in all it has taken 7 working days including the day of submission. During submission they told me 4-6 weeks. To break the process down: Friday July 15th July - Application submitted at Kuningan City Mall and couriered to...
  20. lifelongexpat

    Changing Kelurahan for WNI

    I have a slight issue. We recently got married and my wife wants to 'officially' move in with me. She got her exit papers from the Kelurahan in West Jakarta (no fuss involved). Now she wants to register at my local Kelurahan in North Jakarta. The only issue is, the owner of my apartment won't...

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