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  1. jstar

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    No info on costs? The Belgians charge their citizens €300 for an EU and €900 for a non-EU repatriation...
  2. jstar

    Can i process my epo on my own?

    Hmm, don't know which country you're from but it could be difficult to get back after leaving with an EPO, no more VOA or visa free and necessary health certificate. Is your husband Indonesian? Of course you can't have two KITAS at the same time and the VITAS process will be delayed, so you need...
  3. jstar


    Deterrence and retribution.
  4. jstar

    Small coffee shop

    I think opening a fancy coffee shop next to a Kantor Imigrasi can be very profitable the coming months...
  5. jstar

    Can i process my epo on my own?

    You will already have this MERP with your KITAS. You don't need to do anything anymore to get it. It means you can leave and re-enter the country during your stay permit. But officially you need an EPO if you want to leave permanently. But if you'd never come back, then just leaving (so on your...
  6. jstar

    Mobil cars

    Land Rover introduced its new Defender. Esp. in Indonesia, next to the MB G-Class and oldtimers of course, it has been proven to be one of the best 'investments' so far. They easily sell a LaRo Defender of 5 years old for 2 billion rupiah! And for an 8 year old car they ask 1.5 billion. Crazy...
  7. jstar

    Small coffee shop

    Yes UD is mostly used for warung etc. The private NPWP is used for the business activities, tax (1%) will be based on revenue then, not profit. Depending on your investment, you'd need a TDUP or SIUP. You need to check that. Something else you need to look into, is that depending on location...
  8. jstar

    Mixed marriage- child

    Depends if the parents are WNA/WNA, WNI/WNA or WNI/WNI. You have the Akta Kelahiran (akta lahir) and obviously the child needs a KITAS if both of you are foreigners. From the title's mixed marriage I understand it's a WNI/WNA: In that case, you'd need the Affidavit for the foreign passport...
  9. jstar


    You can do an EPO yourself but you would need a request letter from your employer (and I guess that could be an issue). Why would you complain at the embassy, what do they have to do with this? MOM perhaps, but the chances are you would get into trouble yourself for possibly working in a...
  10. jstar

    Wake Up Indonesia

    No that is simplistic; understanding the mortaliteit rate and the statistics is extremely important now to decide on testing methods and approach towards the general public. If those reported numbers are not correct, the health care professionals as virologists and CDC can't give accurate advice.
  11. jstar

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    Some good news: Scientific research shows that the new coronavirus mutates up to four times more slowly than other respiratory viruses such as the flu. This has two positive effects. One: it doesn't look like the virus is getting any more dangerous. Two: a possible vaccine could have a...
  12. jstar

    Wake Up Indonesia

    What is amazing in a country as Italy, is that the numbers don't add up. Currently there are already 7.500 Corona related fatalities. However, now they found out that the reporting has been extremely inaccurate. For instance, a community of 12.000 inhabitants reports 31. The mayor and staff...
  13. jstar

    Wake Up Indonesia

    The unions are seriously considering demonstrations to demand the full THR (the 'Lebaran' bonus) and full wages since some employers seem to (want to) lower the amount.
  14. jstar

    Wake Up Indonesia

    Most now wear those anti spitting masks which you put on your chin. I know quite some people here who state they have been sick the previous months. Coughing often I ncluding fever. They thought it was a cold, the flu, whatever. There's another huge shipment of medical equipment coming from...
  15. jstar

    Wake Up Indonesia

    Yes, quite some malls close down (e.g. Mal Kelapa Gading right now). See here: And many restaurants here are closed as well. It even gets more and more complicated to order...
  16. jstar

    I love their logic!

    Yeah, you get the impression it's 1875 all over again.
  17. jstar

    Impact of coronavirus on religion

    An Italian priest's live stream of a mass is going viral after he accidentally activated the live stream filters. During the stream, you can see a helmet appear along with dumbells and even mafiosi outfit...
  18. jstar

    Funny Stuff - Meme, humour (dark white, orange, rainbow), stories..

    Since medical issues are rather hot right now, hereby a tip for men: Urine test Go outside and pee in the garden. When ants gather: diabetes. If you urinate on your feet: prostate. If it smells like a barbecue: cholesterol. If you shake it and hurt your wrist: osteoarthritis. When you...
  19. jstar

    About the new emergency Automatic Permit Stay Extension

    Of course, as usual, the communication has not been very clear. On the Immigration poster they mention people who can not return to their countries. Well, is there really any country which refuses its own citizens? (Perhaps they request a home quarantine.) And if their flights are canceled or...

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