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    2018 Expat Retiree Tax Analysis

    I understand Davida's view point differently. What he is supposed to pay if he would be taxed to government he is simply spending on employing someone. 4 people x 2 jt. (just to ease calculations) 8 jt. in salaries vs 8 jt. paid monthly to government. Besides once he will have to pay NPWP it is...
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    2018 Expat Retiree Tax Analysis

    Unlinked NPWP number meaning not matching kantor pajak database would be marked as orphan tax number and would be pending action. What action that would be depends from agreement between Tax Officer and Bank's management/auditor/CFO. NPWP is NOT the same as tax code.... tax code as in UK is...
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    (Older) 2nd hand cars

    I didn't know you have any experience. That is changing a lot. Yea.... I would say go for it, get a Merc. As for the insurance I have seen some simply don't want to insure cars above specific age. But it is still roadworthy and legal to drive here.
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    (Older) 2nd hand cars

    Don't worry you can always engrave made in german on the place of made in china, change few labels/symbols here and there and .... no one will know, right? And it is new, with the intoxicating smell of new plastic. Besides you said for reliability you have outlander. ....and it is only half the...
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    (Older) 2nd hand cars

    I wanted to go via that route of having 2nd hand car but I quickly realized that some cars here are so much maybe not used as simply abused. If you still want to buy, better buy 2nd hand car from a family member, friend... ect. Low-mileage means nothing in Indonesia if you consider massive...
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    cashless highway

    Ok so I have tried successfully today BCA FLAZZ card on the toll.- not the one which integrated current account with flazz but the basic flazz only card - and it works. So now I can use both e-money (mandiri) toll card and bca flazz card. FYI some parts of toll road will have even/odd car...
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    What else, Rats again

    Nearly 1kg of rat poison is gone in my housing complex since last few months.
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    Property Prices in Indonesia

    Hmm ... not sure if I would like to live next to a construction site. I had very bad experience in Bandung when they were building new apartment next to ours. From what I know if they will not finish on time they will pay penalty to "future" owners.
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    Very good questions. I myself don't have any retirement visa so I can only say about normal spouse KITAP. This is just my opinion: 1. It is like a jungle out there to find a good and reliable agent from my experience. They usually try to "lock" their customer to come back to them once a new...
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    Property Prices in Indonesia

    Meikarta is going to be 200 towers to my knowledge.
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    UK nationals divorce visa status

    I am not 100% sure but if you have spouse visa (your spouse is a sponsor) and then get divorced = loosing sponsor = voiding visa. Or maybe simply get a new sponsor for new kitas? Not sure if you have to re-entry Indonesia. Bare with us. Someone more knowledgeable will perhaps answer your enquiry.
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    I think people should know about this:
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    Another silly bureaucratic hurdle from Indonesia

    Glad to hear that. I knew it it is a bit fishy what the precious Company said to you.
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    Tokopedia Payment

    It seems they don't support international transactions. The nature of product is irrelevant.
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    YOU shall not pass.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed some vodka. Hahahah yes .... I am also heading to buffet. I always get hungry during drinking sessions. Perhaps it is good idea for you to stay on the road just in case you would disrespect the family with urgent feeling of being sick. No offense A.!
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    YOU shall not pass.

    You missed the main point. The difference between "my tent solution" is the road is not blocked. Nothing else much changed.
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    YOU shall not pass.

    Let's just have one big glass of vodka to cool our thinking. Our local masjid has got several big tents used during idul fitri. Not maybe a military "grade" but still huge and by that I mean bigger than avg. house. I think majsid would not say "no" to borrow it to the family "in pain" after...
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    YOU shall not pass.

    Haven't seen you for a while jstar.... welcome back.
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    YOU shall not pass.

    No I am not, at least not yet.
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    YOU shall not pass.

    Court is not used, local kids have other hobbies. Is the tent and chairs on the road free of charge?

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