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    Questions regarding Covid-19 Vaccination

    Hey guys, I don't know much about vaccines. I'm curious about what you are thinking regarding the covid-19 vaccination plan for Indonesia (assuming you want to be vaccinated of course)... 1. The gov will be importing 3 from China, 'Sinovac, G42/Sinopharm dan CanSino Biologics' and 1 from the...
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    Visa Options for ex-WNI (Vitas, Kitas, Kitap)

    Hey all, I figured out that there are many uncertainties and questions still floating around regarding the visa options for ex-WNI even though there were many threads written about it. So, I thought this is probably a good place to gather all the information in one place.I will start with some...
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    NPWP for KITAS ex-WNI(c318)

    Hi all, I am currently living in the country with my WNI wife (she is working informally in a family business) whilst living off our saving and investment overseas. Early next year, I am hoping to convert my KITAS to KITAP ex-WNI and perhaps find some non-corporate jobs/start a small business...
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    Using IDP (International Driving Permit) In Indonesia

    Hello all, Just wondering whether International Driving Permit (IDP) issued in Australia is legally recognized for driving in Indonesia? If yes, does anyone have any experience using it? In the long run, I'd want to apply for the local license, but for the first few months, I just thought it...
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    KITAP ex-Indonesian proof of lost citizenship

    Hello all, I am currently an ex-WNI hoping to get my KITAP (through ex Indonesian KITAS) later this year after I move to Indonesia with my wife. I've been in conversations with few agents in Indonesia asking for their advice regarding the procedures for such an application. Because I am an...

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