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    US doctors living in Indonesia

    I kind of miss all the dodgy chiropractors
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    FPI lawyer arrested over terrorism link

    There's a lot to like about your post, but the bombastic poetry of this line genuinely tickled me.
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    5 days Mandatory Quarantine for Indonesian and Foreigners Enquiry

    No one likes quarantine measures, mate - but they are important. Global pandemic and all that, y'know?
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    Indonesian born children speaking exclusively English

    Yes, but he missed a few
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    Prime Rib Enquiry

    Yessss! This is much more fun than arguing about China! :popcorn:
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    Astra Zanica jabs at private hospitals

    Yes, I know of a couple of wealthy and connected queue-jumpers. (Fwiw I'm neither wealthy nor connected, but I am British, so enjoy a queue)
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    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    Mudik cancelled again
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    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    It's OK not to read primary sources about Covid-19. They're written by niche scientists for niche scientists. Secondary sources are about our speed, where scientists explain data to laypeople like us. Tertiary sources are where journalists with no science background try to get things across...
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    Bring back masculinity

    Naked? I'm barely tolerable clothed.
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    coffee lovers unite

    I haven't heard of peabody. Do you mean peaberry, or am I missing out? I agree with you about Bali coffee being underwhelming and I'd add Lampung to that category. North Sumatra is a good region. Have you tried any Papuan beans? Worth a go. I've also been pleasantly surprised by Flores.
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    Info: Covid-19 Vaccination sign-ups for 60+ year old people.

    Thanks. I was pretty sure that was what you meant, but just checking. Off to fill in the form now!
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    Info: Covid-19 Vaccination sign-ups for 60+ year old people.

    Sorry, Danny - do you mean your NIK is the same after getting your KITAP, or that the signup situation's the same in your area?
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    Info: Covid-19 Vaccination sign-ups for 60+ year old people.

    They're starting to sign up the under 60s in my area now. No idea about timeframe for the shot itself. Quick question - does one's NIK change when you move from spousal KITAS to KITAP? I can find my NIK from when I was on KITAS, but I haven't got around to getting my KTP-OA yet (I know, I...
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    coffee lovers unite

    All the good coffee used to get exported as there wasn't the market for it locally. The situation's much better these days. Praise goes to the local hipsters! Where are you based that you're missing out, and are you missing beans, equipment or both?
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    Introduction and first post

    According to Pak Google, "1,000,000 words will take about 55.6 hours to read for the average reader". 7 million words therefore works out at more than 16 days of continuous reading. Crikey.
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    Twitter Wars: Bali vs. Kristen Gray

    Ah, my kind of budget. Question - are the savings really necessary, or...?
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    Twitter Wars: Bali vs. Kristen Gray

    Ah, the pre-discussion discussion. Know it well. These days that's a solid five hours on Zoom.
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    Twitter Wars: Bali vs. Kristen Gray

    I seem to remember some discussion about the govt introducing a "nomad" visa. Was it part of the omnibus bill?

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