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  1. Chiron

    Electric Motor Scooters - Are they the future trend?

    Yes, China is an interesting reference point - especially when looking at EVs like the Nio. That's a fairly high-end (expensive) vehicle who's key selling point is a unique swappable battery capability. Nio, with the blessing of the Chinese government is building battery swap stations - maybe...
  2. Chiron

    Electric Motor Scooters - Are they the future trend?

    Below is a recent article discussing electric motor scooters in Indonesia. As many are all too aware, Indonesia definitely has it's share of scooters. This would also apply to a number of other places in various Asian regions. The interesting point for me, is that Indonesia has been an oil...
  3. Chiron

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    Interesting, this must be similar to the video you saw.
  4. Chiron

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    Some interesting news came out recently that might help shape and define the epidemic spread. This is the so-called antibody test that research scientists have been working on, and is described here in this article. Essentially, the antibody test would be a quick procedure from a pinprick...
  5. Chiron

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    I think what experts/scientists around the world are concerned about, is not so much what the rate of how many people are dying of COVID-19 right now, but the rate of how many people are being infected over time. Couple that with a percentage deaths per case, and you get a pretty grim case...
  6. Chiron

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    We were supposed to be in Indonesia from February 6 to March 11, but cancelled and re-booked for October - just 12 hours before our check-in. This was from news I was getting in late January from my coworker directly from his contacts in China. He basically pleaded and made a strong case, from...
  7. Chiron

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    Nanjing, China apparently went from 93 cases to 0, but if you're like me, watching the following video from a Japanese guy living there, you'll wonder how we'll all manage things until the vaccine becomes available. The total and extreme measures they've taken are quite extraordinary. In any...
  8. Chiron

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    Yes, this is a very important point, and thanks for posting. This is something Dr. John Campbell (a now popular retired doctor with a YouTube channel from the UK) has mentioned. He described the situation recently from Italy, where apparently NAISDs were a primary course of action, and news...
  9. Chiron

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    If anyone has been following the MedCram YouTube channel with Dr. Seheult and his coronavirus updates, I first of all recommend to review the Updates 34 & 35. However, it's probably worth binge watching all of the updates if you have the time, especially if you've always been interested in...
  10. Chiron

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    A quite interesting study from China regarding a single bus trip from Wuhan, and the various people who were infected. This thanks to all of the cameras used in China to track people. The take-away here is that re-circulated air conditioned environments with an infected individual can spread...
  11. Chiron

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    I'm not sure if this was posted yet, but reported in the South China Morning Post, COVID-19 has an "HIV-Like" mutation, causing it to be 100-1000 times more strong than the SARS virus. You can read this article, but you'll wish you paid more attention in that microbiology class back in college...
  12. Chiron

    New immigration fees from 2nd may 2019

    Hopefully not stating the obvious, but just to be clear... I'm guessing there will be no more free visas for tourists? The only option for tourists will be the 30 day VoA for 500K?
  13. Chiron

    The Cage is now open! Please, register here for access.

    I would like to join The Cage.
  14. Chiron

    Digital Nomads (sick of them)

    So let's have a small case study here... I present the following exhibit of YouTubing about the cheapness of a Bali Villa by this digital nomad and his girlfriend. Alas, they have previously announced to the world on their respective channels they've "moved" to Bali. This "cheap" villa in...
  15. Chiron

    Islamist taking the law into their own hands in BALI

    Thanks for the cipher on that one... I have spent the past 15 minutes trying to figure out what the story was about. I was only successful at determining that someone was pretty upset and buses were going to be burned.
  16. Chiron

    Merry Christmas to the forum!

    Merry Christmas from Texas! I have to work through the December holiday season (except for Christmas and New Years day), as I ended up spending most of November in Indonesia on vacation. My wife has put an Indonesian spin on Christmas (and Thanksgiving) dinner by making galantin with ground...
  17. Chiron

    Rest in Peace Davita

    To one who was never shy about telling us how he really felt about things, a little bit naughty, but often funny. Yes, we'll miss his input, advice, and of course his detailed historical knowledge of aviation!
  18. Chiron

    Immigration Check Points

    With regards to SosBud visas, I had a conversation with someone in Bali who's been stringing these together for about 9 years now. So far he's not run into any problems. Every 6 months it's off to Singapore, get a new SosBud, wait 60 days, and then off to Imigrasi every 30 days for 4 months to...
  19. Chiron

    Hand Phone Etiquette - Indonesian Style

    The world is full of noises, and Indonesia has more than it's fair share. One area of noise contribution come from the millions of hand phones owned by Indonesians country wide. It seems that wherever I go, the non stop dinging, or notify sounds from a Samsung Galaxy, or a competitive brand is...
  20. Chiron

    Almost 60% of Muslim Teachers Intolerant, Hold Radical Views

    It would be nice to have a printout of this map if ever getting into one of these types of discussions. Apparently the Porch of Mecca, has been "punished" quite a bit over time...

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