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    Kitas to Kitap

    I am in the process of converting my Kitas to 5 yr. Kitap. Does it normally takes more than 30 days to obtain approval from Dir. Jen. Imigrasi? They've given me a whatsapp no. to follow up the status of completion, however, every time they always have the same answer which is still pending...
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    Can Kitas holder open a bank account (ex BCA, HSBC) or do you also need NPWP?
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    Travelling on Vitas

    Can you travel abroad when holding Vitas? If the answer is yes, how often can you travel in 12 mos.?
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    Tip to process Vitas in Singapore

    Can anyone recommend hotel that is located near the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore? (nothing too expensive). I will be travelling to Singapore to process my Vitas. How long do I plan to stay in Singapore to complete the process? Thanks,Yanti

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