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  1. Puspawarna

    Happy Thanksgiving to our American posters

    There are not too many of us, but here's best wishes to everyone anyway. I hope everyone has at least a little something to be thankful for. It's been a tough year for sure. Happy Thanksgiving anyway, and have a second helping of mashed potatoes if you can - they are great comfort food! (My...
  2. Puspawarna

    Haj is canceled; anyone noticing the impact?

    Since I returned to the US, my life has not been affected by Ramadan and Idul Fitr the way it was while living in Indonesia and Egypt (I miss that a little). But it still felt like HUGE news when the Saudis canceled the Haj this year because of the pandemic. How is everyone in Indonesia feeling...
  3. Puspawarna

    Way to ship Amazon, etc. into Indonesia

    (This is gonna sound like spam, but it isn't - this is your very own Puspa sharing something that might be useful, I dunno.) A while ago I bought my son a present on and now I get their emails - boy, do they have some good deals. But they only ship to the US mainland, which excludes me...
  4. Puspawarna

    Live and learn: a thread about bakwan

    As many of you know, I live on the island of Hawai'i now, teaching a Javanese gamelan class. One of the students is Indonesian, and she enjoys cooking delicious Indonesian gorengan for us. Needless to say, we are all very happy about this. The other day, she brought us bakwan. I took some home...
  5. Puspawarna

    Wait, it's raining?

    I was listening to National Public Radio in my car a while ago and they mentioned that Jakarta has been experiencing the worst rain/flooding in a decade. Not sure how I didn't know this. How is everybody doing? They said something like 62,000 people needed to be evacuated. I can only imagine...
  6. Puspawarna

    The search for the delicious black olive

    I'm not complaining, because many wonderful foods and cooking ingredients are available in Indonesia, though not always exactly what you want. A case in point is olives. In my life I've had really exceptional Greek black olives, packed with salt and herbs, slightly dry and wrinkled and...
  7. Puspawarna

    Activities popular among 8-12 year old Indonesians?

    Long story short, I need to draft a proposal for an after-school gamelan program for Hawaiian middle-schoolers, but they want it to serve 30 kids at a time, and I can only teach music to about 15 kids at once. So I was told to split the kids into two groups - one group would be playing gamelan...
  8. Puspawarna

    Best T-shirt slogan ever

    A friend made me a delightful t-shirt for Christmas, knowing that as an editor I'm familiar with books like "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" and picky about details like punctuation and spelling. He was also aware that (as is probably the case for most of us on Expat Indo) the book "Eat Pray Love" made...
  9. Puspawarna

    My Indonesian language skills fail me

    Over the years, I've become reasonably good, as a non-native speaker of Bahasa Indonesia, at sorting out the neologisms/portmanteaus that the Indonesian language is so marvelous at creating. Depnaker? Kemenkeu? Jaksel? Pfft! Give me something HARD to understand, those terms are easy to figure...
  10. Puspawarna

    The Great Puspawarna Moving Sale is on!

    The time has come to part with most of the beautiful and practical stuff I filled my house with in more than 10 years of living in Jakarta. If you can think of it, I've probably got it for sale ... everything from furniture, rugs, and artwork to washer/dryer/refrigerator/freezer to fans, an...
  11. Puspawarna

    Deportation question from new member

    Our new member Leko contacted me with the question below - I've posted it in the open forum on his behalf so that everyone can see it and offer suggestions:
  12. Puspawarna

    Apartment near Blok M area?

    It's 90% certain that my husband will be needing an apartment in Jakarta starting approximately 1 December 2018. Below are his preferences. All ideas welcome: + Should be close to Blok M, preferably within walking distance of the ASEAN Secretariat. + Prefer unfurnished or partially furnished...
  13. Puspawarna

    What is your relationship to rice?

    While I am generally happy now that I've left Indonesia for Hawaii, I will miss the ready availability of all kinds of rice, one of Indonesia's many charms. The stores here carry ordinary short and long grain/basmati white rice, and of course sushi rice, but that's about it. No black rice, red...
  14. Puspawarna

    Bimbos? I wish it was about bimbos

    Damn. Just read this headline: International Media Highlights Mako Brimob Riot but my eyes played tricks on me and I thought it was a BIMBO RIOT. I would very much like to see a Mako Bimbo Riot. I'm so disappointed now.
  15. Puspawarna

    Now THAT's a Google ad you don't see every day

    It wasn't on this site, but on a Luminosity site, I just saw this Google ad: suamlku setubuhl aku 4 jam - 1 tetes dan berclnta semalaman baca sebelum dlhapus Well, well, well. The use of "l" as a substitute for "i" is clearly intended to get around some kind of filter, although the language...
  16. Puspawarna

    Free: huge herb and spice collection

    I keep a ridiculous supply of spices, herbs, and blends on hand, and I take excellent care of them: they live well-sealed in the freezer when not in use, and if they don't smell pungent to me anymore, I toss them. I tend to buy my spices from Penzey's, though my collection comes from a range of...
  17. Puspawarna

    Kue, entrepreneurial spirit, and Indonesian women

    Today I suddenly realized that FOUR of my Indonesian friends, all women, have small cookie/cake businesses. Given that I am not all that social and don't have a zillion local friends, that seems like a huge number. And without trying at all, I can think of several additional examples of small...
  18. Puspawarna

    Hammock for sale

    Selling a hammock that we bought about 5-6 years ago from a high-end furniture shop on Jl. Kemang's weathered now, but still extremely sturdy and comfy. Rp 300,000, and it's up to you to come get it (we live in Kebayoran Baru). Damn, can't seem to make the photo upload - but here is...
  19. Puspawarna

    Logistical questions about extendable VOA

    Since my EPO is being processed soon, but I'm not actually leaving for a while, I'll need to return on a VOA. As close to 60 days will be just about right, I'll get the extendable kind that you pay for. So, two questions: 1) If you pay for a VOA, do you have to show a ticket out of the country...
  20. Puspawarna

    A TMI thread and a reminder to others

    All of us "posters of a certain age" have been urged in the past to get a colonoscopy - I forget the exact guidelines, but something like once every 5 years after age 50, I think. I am 59 and it has been 9 years since I had one, so ... Appointment is at 9am tomorrow. I've just started the prep...

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