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    Any tax on selling shares in private limited company?

    If I sell my shares in a private limited (PT PMA) company at par value, do I have to pay any Indonesian tax? As I am just getting back the amount which I had invested from abroad, there is no capital gain in the sale. However, I need to consider the offer and sell at premium if any tax is...
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    Do you have at least one billion in the bank?

    If Yes, tax office may check your source of income and tax report. Direktur Pemeriksaan dan Penagihan DJP, Iriawan, berencana menelusuri rekening dengan saldo di atas Rp 1 miliar tersebut. "Kita akan analisis datanya dulu. Apakah saldo tabungan itu penghasilan di tahun yang sama semuanya atau...
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    Animal abuse or cruelty at K-9 Unit?

    How can a dog be vomiting and, at the same time, have nosebleed and body wounds while under detention at a K-9 Unit? Bima mengatakan anjingnya sempat mimisan dan muntah. Anjing jenis malinois itu diinfus untuk menghindari kekurangan cairan. Dalam posting-an IG Stories lainnya, Bima mengatakan...
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    MOD: Caliphate or Islamic State is a possibility 20-30 years from now At the moment, 3% of military members are radicalized. And this number can (logically) increase as well as decrease. Almost 1 in 4 of students, who are future leaders of this country, are...
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    Indonesian banks

    Is your bank open on Friday 31 May? BCA will be open. Panin will be closed. How can some banks be open and some closed?
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    Extreme Cruelty > Go-Jek driver burned dog alive

    Maulady, the Go-Jek driver, pissed beside the cage of his neighbor's dog. In reaction, the dog clawed him (he claimed the dog bit him, but how when the dog is inside the cage?). Then he smashed a bottle of gasoline on the head of the dog and lit the dog. The dog did not survive. The owner of the...
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    Collapsible Batons

    Where to buy Collapsible Batons in Indonesia? Can't find it at Tokopedia or eBay, Amazon has it but can't ship to Indonesia.
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    Spam calls from MNC Vision (Indovision)

    Where to complain about spam calls from MNC Vision? I think it is useless to complain directly with MNC, perhaps somewhere more appropriate for this type of “harassment”? Following are list of numbers I blocked on my mobile phone over a period of several months, but it seems MNC has endless...
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    What happens if

    you forget to renew your KITAS or KITAP before expiry. Any real experience, please.
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    Safety and Security on the Road

    Something interesting for you @jstar, remote door lock hacked during traffic light stop in Surabaya, then bag snatched from passenger side of the car. Below was circulated in a Whatsapp group; *_H O T N E W S..._* *Hati-2 sekarang penjahat bisa buka kunci mobil Central Lock.....* TEMAN...
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    Surat Edaran for Peraturan Presiden No. 20/2018

    Peraturan Presiden No. 20/2018, Pasal 10 ayat (1a) says RPTKA is not required for shareholders who are also members of the board of directors/commissioners. However, imigrasi insists that they have not yet received Surat Edaran or the implementation guidelines so RPTKA + Notifikasi is still...
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    Neighbors quarrel over pork aroma

    A Jakarta resident felt disturbed by his neighbor cooking pork dish
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    Islamist taking the law into their own hands in BALI "Diberikan ancamanlah ke perusahaan mobil itu. Kalau 24 jam orangnya tidak menyerahkan diri, kita bakar pool sama orang Islam," tutur Derry Sulaiman. Threatening to burn down the bus pool...
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    RPTKA > KITAP, and no more IMTA ?

    Hi All. Is it true that now you need to get RPTKA first before you can renew a work KITAP? It was not necessary before because the process was separate. And my agent told me that IMTA is not required anymore? How about the $1200/year, also abolished? As a director having shares in the company...

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