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  1. steveandpenny

    Where is the love

    Well boys and girls I dont know if it's just me but it seems that way too many threads are getting hijacked into screaming matches lately. What use to be a time to read about others adventures into being a expat and a learning experience has turn into something that is as much fun as listening...
  2. steveandpenny

    Question about owning land

    Ok I know there is no way a expat can outright own land in Indonesia but was told by a expat aussie couple that they own the mortgage on some land in Bali. Is this legal ? The deed is in a Indonesians name but they say they he can't sell or do anything with the land because of the mortgage. The...
  3. steveandpenny

    Holiday on the 27th of june

    I just read a story that they decided to declare a national holiday this Thursday because of election. They declared it today. Has anyone else heard this ? This is what I read... The government has agreed to make June 27 as a national holiday for the 2018 regional elections. "It has been...
  4. steveandpenny

    Cost of medical care here compared to the United states

    Well well here was a shocking thing ...the doctor here prescribed doxycycline, a antibotic . I played 150,000 Rupp for 30 pills at the apotic. Just out of curiosity I looked it up online and it cost 600.00 dollars for 30 pills . You could get a coupon from the makers of you register with them...
  5. steveandpenny

    True or false ?

    I was told by a freind (he' not very smart) that as of now you can' buy and register a bike or car unless u are Indonesian. He said he has to register the bike in his wife name (might be her who told him this). Says it' only for new bikes. I told him he' full of shit. Am I right or is he ?
  6. steveandpenny


    Anyone else notice that a lot more sites are recognizing a VPN? Getting more and more sites rejecting my inquiries while it' on.Is this the beginning of the end ? Or is it just my network. I' finding I have to turn off my vpn a lot more.
  7. steveandpenny

    Eyes in a village

    This is a question for you guys that live in a village. Both me and my wife have had a problem with our eyes of late. Puffy , goopy , and irritated. Most of the time it' when their is burning going on which is most alwas. The eye doctor says it' because we are bule and have all very to some...
  8. steveandpenny

    Scuba diving group in Indonesia?

    Hey all you underwater breathers . Is there a dive club or group anyone knows of in indonesia? Can we start one. There are so many great dive locations in indonesia and I'd love to get info on those small and secret places to go. We all been to the famous spots such as komodo, Bali, bunken, and...
  9. steveandpenny

    List of agents /sponser ?

    Does anyone know of a list of imagation agents ? Was thinking this forum would be a great place for a imagation agent to list his services and his cost. It seems to me the prices for this service are all over the place. Be nice to have a review area also . Just a idea cause it seems...
  10. steveandpenny

    17 dead in u.s. high school

    17 more children have been gunned down in a high school in Florida. Just wondering how many times this will go on in the states till some kind of real gun control becomes a reality. It wasn' someone in the states illegally , it wasn' a Muslim terrorist, it was another gun owning America...
  11. steveandpenny

    Can you image this in indonesia? Sometimes I count my blessings that I'm in indonesia. In the U.K. they want to put WARNING labels on avocados. Damn it you are so stupid you need a warning label on a avocado you shouldn' be...
  12. steveandpenny

    North Sulawesi in Sept

    I know this is early but I'm sure I'll forget to mention this if I wait but early Sept is a great time to visit the manado area. There is the international Tomohon flower festival (which we went to last year and it was amazing) there is in manado "Celebrate the Sea" festival which goes on for a...
  13. steveandpenny

    What's a good middle of the road cell phone ?

    Looking to upgrade my wife' cell phone. She has a small old Samsung righ mmmt now with no memory. She won' let me spend a bundle. Her needs are a good camera, she fb a lot and utube. Looking for one with a good battery, fingerprint , decent menerory, Skype annd a 5.5 screen. She doesn' play hi...
  14. steveandpenny

    Help with where to go for gastric surgery

    My wife has a on going problem with a gastric problem and if it invokes surgery we aren' sure we want to do it here. We are waiting on some test results at this point and because of Christmas everything has ground to a halt. Now I've heard a lot of good things of mediical care in Malaysia and...
  15. steveandpenny

    Retirement 5 years visa and 5 year ktap

    I know somewhere this has been discussed and discussed. The more I read the more I get confused so don't get mad. We are getting ready for our 5 year visa and 5 year ktap. Me and my wife are both from the United States which i know is rare. We have had no problems so far . This will be our 3rd...
  16. steveandpenny

    How to call collect?

    Ok I'm embarrassed to ask but how does one make a international collect call from a cell phone? We have telkom as our carrier . And I have a few numbers that accept collect calls but have no idea how to do it and feel like a fool. I dial 01071 frist when calling the states and dont have a...
  17. steveandpenny


    Ok I'm sure this has discussed before somewhere here but with a quick check I couldn't find it (I'm old and lazy sorry) Anyway the branch of Bank of America where I have a safety deposit box has decided to close that branch down. Like a idiot we never authorize anyone but myself and my wife...
  18. steveandpenny

    Heartguard plus for dogs

    Does anyone know if this is available In indonesia or am I wasting my time looking for it. Its got to be merial heartgard plus ( wife says so)
  19. steveandpenny

    Weird fun and wonderful Indonesia

    Thought we needed a light hearted thread. So with all the things that some would think strange here goes one that is . My wife and me were walking thought the store and saw This doll set, after we picked ourselfs up from the floor laughing , I took a pic. This is real and wasn't intended to...
  20. steveandpenny

    Tomohon international flower festival

    We went to the 9th annual flower festival and cant say enough good things about it. Weather was great up in the highlands (70s °) food incredible, so many beatuful floats made from flowers( sorry aussie float was weak) , smiling people every where. There is a hugh carnival with rides (no way i...

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