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    BCA Dollar - International transfer

    Hi, Does anyone have a BCA dollar account ? I’m looking to transfer money to an investment fund direct from my BCA dollar account. Can I do this or do I have to transfer it back into the rupiah account first? Thanks in advanced, Will
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    Bank recommendations

    Hi all, Almost 5 months in living the dream in Indonesia. I have a BCA account and I was exploring the possibility and feasibility of transferring money into my UK Barclays account. Two questions: 1. Is the process easy enough? Or is it wiser/easier to use a different UK high street bank? 2. Is...
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    New to the forum and new to Indonesia I live out the outskirts of Bandung. I just turned 30 and this is my first job abroad. (here on KITAS). So far so good... 4.5 months in... So hello :)

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