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    5 days Mandatory Quarantine for Indonesian and Foreigners Enquiry

    Hi, I just read that 5-days mandatory quarantine for Indonesian and foreigners upon arrival. I will be traveling back to the states and return in a month and wondering any Indonesians or foreigners had experienced and what to expect during the 5-days quarantine at our booked hotel from the...
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    Visa Issues - Returned Vaccinated

    Hi Everyone, I am planning to go back home to the states and wondering if I will have any issues coming back to Jakarta. I will be leaving in June 2021 and stay for one month. Currently, I am holding a social family visa that is good for six months, renewed every one month. This is my second...
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    Prime Rib Enquiry

    Anyone know a good restaurant in Jakarta that serves good American style prime rib? I have a craving for House of Prime Rib in San Francisco or just thick and juicy 1"-2" thick prime rib. Years back, formally Lawry's at Senayan was probably the best in Jakarta (sigh). Any information regarding...
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    Black Market Phone Enquiry

    I am planning to go back to the states and planning buy the latest unlocked Apple Iphone and use in Indonesia. Does anyone in this forum know if the unlocked Iphone will work in Indonesia? I heard that once the passenger arrived at the Soekarno Hatta International airport, the passenger need...
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    Auto Muffler Replacement

    Hi Forum member, Unfortunately, my Elgrand, Nissan 2008 rear muffler is rusting and need to be replaced. Do anyone know a good muffler shop that sells factory made mufflers and not the kampong or homemade mufflers? I have checked the local online stores and all sells racing mufflers. I need...
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    Indonesian Electric Bike Laws Inquiry

    I am an expat and gear/bike freak and interested in buying an electric bike that is sold locally. The electric bike have no pedals and looks more like a motorcycle. The specifications: 2000 watt motor, 72V, 20 ah lead acid battery, maximum speed is 58km/h and range is 60km. California laws...
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    Pandemic - Emergency Stay Permit Expiration

    Dear Forum members, I am probably writing for other forum members. I arrived in Indonesia on February 12, 2020 on a social visa (family) and my visa expired on April 12, 2020 (60 days). I have been in Indonesia during the pandemic-Convid-19 and concerned I might need to paid a fine when I...
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    Fire Extinguisher Refill

    Since lockdown, I have been working on my house to keep myself occupied: leaking ceiling, painting, etc. Now I have a new project fixing the rain gutter. The gutter is made from thin sheet metal and I am planning to use Sika bitumen membrane to cover the existing sheet metal. The application...
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    WTB: Inversion Table (used)

    I have posted this listing in the other thread. Unfortunately, last year I went through back surgery for sciatic nerve (L5 S1) and slowing recovering. I have seen a chiropractor in the states and he seems to be more than a “crack doctor”. There is a still a slight numbness in my thigh and...
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    The Money Fight: McGregor and Mayweather

    To All Boxing Fans in Jakarta, The big “Money Fight between UFC fighter champion, Conor McGregor and boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be Saturday 26, August 2017. The fight will be at T-Mobile Area, Las Vegas, USA. Do anyone know if the fight above will be televised in the local...
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    Mosquito fogger Insecticide

    Hi Forum Members, I recently purchased a portable butane mosquito fogger machine from the local Ace Hardware. I also purchased a water based fogging liquid and K-Othrine insecticide made from Bayer. Both items need to be mixed accordingly. However after fogging my garden for 10 minutes, the...
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    WTS: 24" Mountain Bike

    The bike is a 24”, 7 speed Polygon mountain bike. The frame color is metallic blue with highlighted strips and made from steel. The components are Shimano and Tektro side pull brakes. We bought this bike at a local bike shop and my son only road the bike less than 10 times and the bike and...
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    Enquiry to decrease Vehicle Road Tax

    I own a used Elgrand, Nissan (complete build-up / CBU) 2008, 2500 cc, MPV and last month I went to paid the registration / vehicle tax and the tax was almost double. I only own this car and we use this car everyday to drop off the kids to school. Instead of paying Rp10,000.000, I paid...
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    Thread Heading

    Would be nice to migrate the thread heading "where to find" and General Advice" topic heading.

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