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    KITAP Renewal.

    Could someone please post a link to the relevant immigration rule/law in relation to renewal of spouse sponsored kitap. I wish to confirm that I can request a 5 year extension rather than an unlimited extension. My Imigrasi advise that I must accept an unlimited, even though their own...
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    A few years back, when in Australia for holidays, I needed a very small guitar part. Ordered and paid for on Ebay. Around $3 as I recall. The item was posted from China to my home address for free!. Just recntly wanted a Rp28 ribu very lightweight and very small tool. Found one on...
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    KTP for KITAP holders.

    I have never had a KTP. I have a first KITAP expiring next February, so plenty of time. Have done a search on the site but so many opinions. Is there a requirement for Kitap holders to obtain a KTP? A law reference would be great rather than opinions. Many thanks.
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    Aust dollar

    come on you money wizards, the Aus dollar now at 9.8!!! Whats going on? A few days back it was under 9
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    Separation- marriage.

    If a married couple have trial separation, both in separate houses, what are implications re Immigration?
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    Aus dollar

    Things are getting serious, the Aus dollar sitting around R9.000. May have to do a bit of busking if this keeps up!
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    Merp renewal

    MERP Renewal Is there a set number of days in which to renew an entry/exit permit? My permit expires on 21 Feb 2020, KITAP expires on 21 Feb 2021.
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    Bringing medication into Indonesia

    I am returning to Indo next week. I intend to bring 3 months supply of heart, prostate and arthritis meds back with me. Is this an issue with customs in Indonesia? Of course, no opiates. Constructive advice welcomed. Tks
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    Air Pollution

    As I speak Medans pollution index is at PM2.5 198. Close to dangerous. Just wondering how other expats are coping? I have closed all doors and windows, use the aircon, and masks when outside. Without large indoor air purifiers it is difficult to cope. I know others may disagree, but...
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    Sending money from Australian bank to Indon bank.

    I just conducted an experiment. I am returning to Australia for extended period therefore need to forward money to family in Indonesia. Test case. Online banking my bank AD$100 sent to wife's Bank BRI accounf. Cost me $20 at my bank. Money had to go to Intermediary bank, in this case ANZ...
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    Marriage counselling by Muslim Imam

    Just little advice if I may ask. Having lots of problems with wife of 10 years lying to me over money and other issues. I believe most of the money I give her for housekeeping is being channeled to her family. She gets plenty of money to look after house and kids but it is never enough...
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    Move to Bali

    I live in Medan but finding it more and more not my cup cup of tea for various social and in-law reasons. What do members think? Medan is cheaper to live I have heard, but I really need a change of location. Has anybody else moved from Medan or other distant parts to Bali. Any pitfalls?
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    KITAP and home employment

    Hi, I have been out of country for a couple of years. Would like to do something with my spare time. I am KITAP holder, married with 1 child. I am not intetested in forming a business or working on IMTA. Would just like to do a few hours per week at home, perhaps teaching English. I...
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    Can a MERP on KITAP be obtained at a consulate overseas, in my case the Sydney Indonesian consulate?
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    Renewal KITAP MERP

    Maybe someone can help. I have first KITAP, expiring in Feb 2021, with MERP expiring in Feb 2018. I have been out of Indonesia for 6 months, returning this September for 5 weeks, then exiting again with plans to return in March 2018. Of course my MERP will have expired by that time so to...
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    KITAP Card

    Recently had my wallet stolen while in Malaysia. In the wallet was my yellow laminated KITAP card. Has anybody been thru the process of replacing the card? I am concerned it will involve major dramas with immigration. I have a Malaysian Police Report.
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    Legal Guardianship of Child in Indonesia

    Does anyone have experience with legal guardianship of a child in Indonesia? Not adoption, but a legal/semi legal method of ensuring a foreign husband keeps custody of a child in the event of death or serious health incapacity of Indonesian spouse, mother of the child.
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    Bringing in second hand guitar

    I intend to bring a rather expensive, but second hand (1995) guitar to Indonesia early next year. Would import tax be levied on an instrument as old as this? Also can anyone recommend a safe airline to get it back. Would hate to have it stolen in transit.
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    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Have had nerve problems mainly in hands for some time. Had CT scan and MRI done showing spine wear and tear. Docs in Penang diagnosed Carpal Tunnel, so now in a small bind how to get this fixed with wrist operation at reasonable cost. Return to Australia out of question due to waiting...
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    Small Business

    I am married to Indonesian lady. I have KITAP, non working. As I am getting a little fed up with retirement lifestyle in Medan city, was thinking of setting the wife up in a small business, in which I would officially have no part. Of course a friendly eye over the books or management in...

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