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  1. Anfooshi

    Building Material

    Anyone have a clue on building material stores? Something like a Lowes or Home Depot. I am looking for a supplier to builders not just consumers. Near Tangerang selatan.
  2. Anfooshi

    Advice on Teaching Career Path

    I was hoping to get some advice on increasing my credentials to obtain a high paying teaching position in Indonesia. I hold a B.S. in Science, Technology, & Society from the USA. A TEFL, 120 hour, and a Cambridge TKT-YL. My teaching experience includes 1 year in-class instruction in English...
  3. Anfooshi

    Netflix + Indihome = working

    So, I just updated the Netflix app and thought I should check if its working based on some news articles. Anyone else confirming its working for them too?
  4. Anfooshi

    Any USA expat labor lawyers here?

    Just wondering if there are any members whom are USA labor lawyers or judges on our community platform.
  5. Anfooshi

    Saxophone reeds

    Looking for reeds for an Alto sax.
  6. Anfooshi

    English teacher with Japanese support skills

    Job Title: Online English teacher Job Location: Remote/ online Job Description: English instructor for Japanese adult students. Business English instruction using outlined lesson plans. Focusing on presentation in meetings, participation in meetings, writing, or conversation. *Must have Japanese...
  7. Anfooshi

    2019 ISP Cable/Fiber solutions

    Greetings everyone, So, I am nearing the end of my teaching contract and looking at possibilities for online teaching, but I need a cable/ fiber internet provider. The good thing is I can move to a different location since I have been told it depends on where you live.(Speed and Provider) I...
  8. Anfooshi

    TransferWise: Banking and currency exchange

    So I have been researching over the last year on ways to transfer money to the USA and stumbled upon TransferWise. Although, we cannot transfer USD from Indonesia, we can transfer EUROs then convert the currency to USD. Benefits for USD: You get an ACH, ABA, and Swift code. The app is very...
  9. Anfooshi

    CAT / Training visa?

    My first post, but a long time reader. Here goes: Backstory: I am originally from the East coast (USA) and have been living and working legally in Jakarta for almost 1 year teaching English, as a native speaker. I recently married a kind betawi Muslim woman and am looking to settle here for...

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