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    Offshore visa applications possible

    Looks like offshore visa (business, family, investor) applications are possible from 29. March, according to the new regulation-Surat Edaran, attached.
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    Government considers tracking foreigner with QR codes.

    Soon maybe a nice addition to immigration procedures: QR surveillance codes for foreigners The underlying reason is enlightening: "... is in line with Jokowi’s Nawacita, a nine-point development program in which the government strives to enforce immigration laws more strictly to boost foreign...
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    Indonesia in the 20 best countries around the world to live as an expat

    In 2018 HSBC Expat Explorer Survey Indonesia is in the 20 best countries around the world to live as an expat, actually, it is on quite high 13th position, ahead of Spain, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Vietnam and ranked no 1 in entrepreneurship, culture, and social life and 2nd in integration...
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    PerMen 10 Tahun 2018 - New bylaw about employing foreign workers

    The new Presidential Regulation made a new framework for employing foreign workers. The ministerial and operational regulation is already published, but not yet widely circulated nor yet implemented, due to technical and operational difficulties (and maybe silent resistance or obstruction) in...
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    Anies Baswedan President of the Republic of Indonesia 2019-2024

    As it looks for now, Prabowo is pulling back his candidacy, probably because of too many controversies surrounding him, and if he loses again he would be a triple loser. Besides this, the presidential campaign is very expensive. It is probable that the coalition and JK will support Anies...
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    Jakarta Gubernatorial Election Bets & Results

    The long campaign is coming to an end and elections are near. Looks like the Government is working strongly for Ahok behind the scenes, but will he reach more than 50% one week before the end? Are Jakartans ready to pay a big price if they choose religious compliance-potential city...
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    Divorce, KITAP and right to work

    If you have a spouse KITAP and you get divorced, do you keep the right to work according to article 54 and 61 of the Immigration Law if you keep the KITAP? In this particular case, there are kids from the marriage, and they will be supported by the father who has the KITAP.
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    Use of immigration agents in Indonesia abolished

    Use of immigration agents in Indonesia is abolished effective from today and all agents licences are cancelled. Any comments or opinions? Is this good or bad?
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    Prenup and post-nuptial agreements

    Unofficially Constitutional Court of Indonesia on today`s final session about challenging the Agrarian law for stripping Indonesian spouses in mixed marriages from right to own land, allowed besides making prenups also right to make post-nuptial agreements so the mix married couples can split...

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