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    Twitter Wars: Bali vs. Kristen Gray

    Indonesians just love the "Negro" look, hence the huge demand for skin blackening products!😂
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    KITAP Renewal.

    Thank you. Just looking at all the info, and the fact their "system" will not allow a renewed 5 year only kitap it looks like I don't have any choice, unlimited or make other arrangements! At the age of 76 now, I can only hope I get some va!ue for money!😁
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    KITAP Renewal.

    Could someone please post a link to the relevant immigration rule/law in relation to renewal of spouse sponsored kitap. I wish to confirm that I can request a 5 year extension rather than an unlimited extension. My Imigrasi advise that I must accept an unlimited, even though their own...
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    Private Tutoring Literacy Jollyphonics and Math

    Teaching skills in punctuation, basic grammar and sentence structure are important to parents seeking tutors for their children.
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    Secular Indonesian groups warn govt to save democracy

    I am curious, why should the OP "stay out of this subject" because you live in "Trump country"? Donald Trump is the duly elected President of the USA so in my opinion the whole of the USA is "Trump country".
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    ESL Jobs in Bogor

    EF's recruitment strategy years back was if you were white, could speak some English, even broken English, you had legs to stand in front of the class, had no teachong experience, would work for a pittance, didn't mind sharing accommodation with many undesirables, were easily duped by their...
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    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    Would taking Vit D supplements as a prophylactic be of benefit for those of us who do not get out in the sunlight often?
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    Unnecessary Death in the Family

    I think educating the doctor may be a tad late. So many Indonesian doctors are below even a mediocre level. Yes, there are some decent ones who have trained or complemented their Indonesian training overseas. I can recall many instances of malpractice or bad medicine in my years here...
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    teacher resigning early-financial penalty?

    Rule number 1. Always have a valid EPO or MERP in your passport. While I have no doubt there are some decent school owners, most of them do not lose any sleep when cheating teachers out of entitlements. They know you can easily bolt so they manage their staff accordingly by failing to...
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    teacher resigning early-financial penalty?

    Also depends on your existing visa status. You mentioned they have not paid for your visa yet? Are you on tourist visa?
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    Just found this. I don't think Indonesia uses IBAN. I stand to be corrected of course.
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    Indonesian Driving Licence?

    Done a bit of travelling on my motorbike a few years back. As will happen on a long journey nature calls and therefore a quiet place, miles from nowhere, and no onlookers is found. Start urinating, and within a few seconds there will be someone watching or nearby!!! Its what it is!!!
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    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    I viewed the Plandemic video. Nothing of note but a focus on conspiracy theories. There was no mention of White Supremacism that I can recall. Alt Right, like most of these titles, can be interpreted in so many ways. However I do applaud moderators being careful, as long as the...
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    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    Its great news Harry!!! Go the Lions!
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    As I said, its not the money. I checked with Lazada today, same product, Rp9 ribu postage. Some people are happy to pay any charged fee, I am not. I would not do it in Australia so why pay exhorbitant (for Indonesia) fees here? Everyday on my complex there are motor bike couriers...
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    I did not know about the Chinese arrangement. That explains the zero freight cost factor. Yes, I agree that shopping locally is good, but local businesses do not always stock goods which have small turnover. Hence my online shopping! Next time I will look for POS Indonesia rates, if...
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    A few years back, when in Australia for holidays, I needed a very small guitar part. Ordered and paid for on Ebay. Around $3 as I recall. The item was posted from China to my home address for free!. Just recntly wanted a Rp28 ribu very lightweight and very small tool. Found one on...
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    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    I have no particular interest in US politics, but I would hate to see this site become a haven for anti-Trump stuff. There is enough of it in other forums.
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    "Illegal" IMEI: phone cannot be used

    Have received my sms from Kominfo. All good!
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    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    Too many "experts" for me. Most are just guessing, using "modelling" statistics. Charlatans!!!

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