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  1. vocalneal

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    This may curtail the missionary activities of some of the god bothering sects?
  2. vocalneal

    Why dont Indos give back change?

    The corrrect answer = VAT
  3. vocalneal

    firearms in Indonesia

    I'm sure somewhere there are skeet/clay pigeon shooting clubs. Just do some research when in Indonesia. They will know the score.
  4. vocalneal

    "Your story to Indonesia"

    Phoned a guy in Toronto and was told he was in Indonesia because a large industrial plant had just decided to by a competitors control system. Hmm if they are buying a control system. So I phoned them as asked to speak to dept. manager who i knew was a bule and asked about a job because if they...
  5. vocalneal

    Hi from a Schlumberger Engineer who started in Badak, East Kalimantan

    But that can easily be resolved next time you travel. Or even next week
  6. vocalneal

    Jakarta Post to lay off employees, may go under.

    What will people use to clean windows if it goes under?
  7. vocalneal

    The Cage is now open! Please, register here for access.

    Yes before I wasn't logged in. oops!
  8. vocalneal

    Bring back masculinity

    The dress is OK. Eddy Izzard would like it?
  9. vocalneal

    The Cage is now open! Please, register here for access.

    Not sure if this belongs here. I have read that the Indonesia Military is purging out gays. From my time in Indonesia it seemed to me that gays were tolerated. At least the effeminate bar tender/waiter in the company hotel. Everyone seemed to know which team he batted for. Have things...
  10. vocalneal

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    Could it be that there are different rules concerning ethanol and methanol sales?
  11. vocalneal

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    I just got vaccinated against pneumonia.(13) next year again (23). It is usually pneumonia that gets most people in the end but then again i suppose we have to died of something. But it comes recommended so seemed like a sensible precaution. In Thailand 1.3m Rupiah As a child my mother took me...
  12. vocalneal

    2 year I.T visa?

    I met an Aussie IT guy. He said he came from the LAN down under.
  13. vocalneal

    Tony from Bulgaria/Brazil

    Bom Dia, I'm an ex maybe soon to be again Indo. expat. Where in Brazil.
  14. vocalneal

    Funny Stuff - Meme, humour (dark white, orange, rainbow), stories..

    Humour is obviously not universal.
  15. vocalneal

    Indonesian things we like.

    How I love sarcasm.
  16. vocalneal

    Advice Sought: Paternity Test for Our Illegitimate Baby

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