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  1. wombat

    KMILN - the new presidential rule No. 76/2017

    Folks, I heard that Jokowi has signed a new rule that will impact us expats. The broadcast message I got from my friend reads: "UPDATE BUAT WNI DAN YANG SUDAH MENJADI WNA PERPRES No. 76/2017: Pemerintah Berikan KMILN Kepada Masyarakat Indonesia di Luar Negeri Oleh: Humas ; Diposkan pada: 23...
  2. wombat

    IMTA agent

    Folks, Anyone can recommend agents to help an employer obtain an IMTA to employ a KITAP holder? Speed is the essence. Wombat
  3. wombat

    Holiday to Maratua islands

    Folks, I am planning to go to Maratua east kalimantan. I heard it is a wonderful islands and has a resort with on-the-water villas. Anyone has experienced travelling there? Any tips and recommendation? Wombat
  4. wombat

    Melbourne Cup 2016

    Folks, Anyone knows where to watch the Melbourne Cup free on streaming/live feeds or on any of the local free-to-air or cable TV? Wombat
  5. wombat

    Golfing great Arnold Palmer died aged 87

    As a golfing addict, I cannot help but saddened by the passing away of Arnie. He was a great golfer and a champion of his time. Deeply missed. Wombat
  6. wombat

    Air Asia flight flew to the wrong airport!
  7. wombat


    Hi all, Indosyncrasies is a term I coined for idiosyncrasies that exist here in Indonesian, those we found funny, odd or even downright bizzare. Please list those that you yourself have found here. I started with one: 1. When the driver in the car that is about to cut into your driving path...
  8. wombat

    The Mansion apartments - kemayoran

    Folks, Anyone here lives in The Mansion apartment complex in Kemayoran? My current lease will run out in about a month and I am contemplating to rent a 2 bedrooms apartment in Bellavista tower there. Any info would be appreciated.
  9. wombat

    looking for sponsors for a painting exhibition

    Folks, I am looking into staging a painting exhibitions of my own paintings in Jakarta. I am just wondering if any forum members here would know of companies or contacts who might be able to sponsor the exhibition. Please PM me if you have any pointers or could refer me to a potential sponsor...
  10. wombat

    Golfers in this forum

    Folks, Those who migrated from that other forum and new comers. how many are golfers? I am a keen golfer and would love to get together with other golfing forum members here. Wombat
  11. wombat

    password keeper in Blackberry

    Folks, Are you using the default Password Keeper app that comes with older style blackberry phones? I recently upgraded from an Onyx to a Dakota version. Onyx had a free password keeper app. So is the Dakota. But I am unsure if there are better (free) apps for password keeping in blackberry out...
  12. wombat

    KTP Orang Asing compulsory?

    Folks, I just leanred that KITAP holder is either entitled but not must have KTP orang asing OR must get one done. What is the rule on this and what would be the use of KTP orang asing anyway? Wombat
  13. wombat

    I need to make another 6 posts

    Hi all, I will post a few more topics tonight so I could make it to the Charter member status. So please be patient when you see me spam :)
  14. wombat

    I finally got KITAP - yaayy

    After about 3 months I finally got my 5 years KITAP under spouse sponsorship with the help of an agent. I read in this forum that DIY KITAP cost less than 10 juta. Mine cost about three times that. However, I did not have to do the legwork. I only had to visit west Jakarta immigration twice for...
  15. wombat

    Removalist - to Australia

    Folks, Any recommendation for good removalist that can move furniture/personal effects into Australia frp, Indonesia? Your feedback would be appreciated. WOmbat

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