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    Self quarantine 14 days.

    nope not uganda
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    Self quarantine 14 days.

    Hi, I have a kitas. i intend to fly to Indonesia for 3 days, then fly back. Is the self quarantine of 14 days mandatory thus i cannot make a 3 day trip over?
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    home internet provider

    hi guys, will be staying in either sudirman or kunigan area. whats the best choice? thanks.
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    looking for studio or 1BR

    will be working in SCBD but open to rent in various locations to stay. prefer new or not run down apartments. studio or 1BR for 1 person 6 months to 1 year rental.
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    home internet provider

    hi, i will be working gin Jakarta soon any recommendations for broadband or fiber home internet? thank you.
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    BPJS... I am still confused

    Can anyone help me to confirm if the following correct if I cease employment and leave Indonesia? 1) JHT (Old Age): can be withdrawn 2) JKM (Death): cannot be withdrawn 3) JKK (Work accident): cannot be withdrawn 4) BPJS Kesehatan (Health): cannot be withdrawn
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    BPJS Refund

    Hi digging an old thread out. Has the rules changed? Can JHT still be withdrawn upon leaving Indonesia? Thank you.

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