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    Building Material

    Hebel block gets the thumbs up from a friend who built in Bali.
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    The Cage is now open! Please, register here for access.

    Forums)General Forums, the last in this group.
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    Attacking newbies as usual

    The most disappointing thing about elections is that regardless of who you vote for a politician gets in.
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    Search function not working?

    Working for me.
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    Covid-19th deaths in Indonesia, friends or relatives

    Not in Indonesia, not a friend or relative, but covid19, and sad news. Vale john prine
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    Funny Stuff - Meme, humour (dark white, orange, rainbow), stories..

    Are you sure he wasn't buying Tapai, Ikan Sabuko and Feijoada in which case it could have been the East Timorese hoarder, Jose Ramos?
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    Coping with lockdown.

    Takes you back to Versailles, doesn't it Puspa.
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    Where are you bunkering for Covid-19?

    In Australia. Classed as essential so go to the office in the city every day. I'm mid 60s so the young wife and daughter cooped up at home are freaking out. Still there's no traffic and the council has 5 buck a day parking or free if you can find an unoccupied metered spot on the street. Very...
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    Australian Money Transfers

    Kangaroo service have been useful to me for more than 10 years now. But they have a 5k per day limit. You also need to register with some ID. Have a look at them.
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    Red Sea Wrecks - diving trip

    Your contributions are always welcome Pak Wisnu!
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    MOD: Caliphate or Islamic State is a possibility 20-30 years from now

    Pulau marah is ok, just damned dangerous.
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    gardeners please help

    Has it good drainage? They don't like wet feet.
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    Try "wild rice".
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    Language Shift

    After a social gathering last night I heard my wife use "asisten" for the first time. She explained that the individual was not employed for housework rather for personal support, accompanying the employer while travelling etc.
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    New Zealand Terror Attack

    Best of all the go fund me is for the kid's "legal defence, and more eggs".
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    How long have you been away from home?

    Ohzhit! Welcome back!
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    Visit Visa - Socio Cultural conversion to KITAS

    Someone here reported that kanim Jember were running the vitas only story a while ago.
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    Where have you worked in Indonesia?

    Jeruk, chilli, padi not so much.
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    Where have you worked in Indonesia?

    I've spent a fair bit of time (unpaid) in the sawah in east java.

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