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  1. Daniel Gomez

    Quickest Way to visit the US

    I've been married for a year now. My wife is Indonesian and I'm an American citizen. We have applied to visit the USA twice and have been rejected. Does anyone know how we can go visit family to the US without the long process.we don't want to apply for her spousal visa because we plan to live...
  2. Daniel Gomez

    Expired US driver's License

    My US driving license is expired for over 6 months. I have a ITAS because my wife is Indonesian. Can I get an International driving license ? If I can, how long does it take? I'm not into bribing. The police asked for 2 million. I asked him if I can have a translator for my test. He said no.
  3. Daniel Gomez

    Separate Wealth and Buying property

    Prior to getting married we were adviced to have separate wealth. If we did not, we would only be able to buy land/proerty but not sell it. When we asked the civil office, he said that the paper work for separate wealth could be done after we got married. He said that there were new laws...
  4. Daniel Gomez

    Extending ITAS after first year

    Hello to all, Can anyone help me with linking an article on how to extend an ITAS after the first year ? I can't seem to find anything on the website. All I found was a statement about using my KTP-OA to extend my ITAS with no details or information. Im hoping I don't have to go through the...
  5. Daniel Gomez

    Living in Indonesia and petitioning Spouse

    Hello all, I'm new to this, so please bare with me. First off, thank you all for walking me through my KITAS. Big thanks to all the helpful tools and people. I'm a US citizen and and live with my wife in Indonesia. I have my KITAS. I just heard that it is possible to petition my wife as a...

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