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  1. Dave

    Aust man jailed 5 years in Bali for drugs

    Another moron..... Australian Brandon Johnson and his girlfriend were arrested in Bali with 11.6 grams of cocaine, and have both been jailed for five years and four months. Associated Press FEBRUARY 27, 2019 10:27PM A court in Bali has sentenced an Australian man and his Indonesian...
  2. Dave

    Which ISP to use in Citra Gran Bekasi Area

    Hey guys and gals, well the mrs and I are moving to Citra Gran in Bekasi and will need a good ISP to use, I am a heavy net user and also a gamer, mainly racing sims and I do compete in online championships the ping whilst important shouldn't matter if the connection is stable hopefully lol...
  3. Dave

    Another Aussie

    Hey All, Just thought I'd post instead of just lurking all of the time haha.. I'll be in Jakarta for 6 weeks shortly and then possibly full time a few months after that. Have many questions I want to ask and will when it comes closer to time if I cant find what I'm looking for on here already...

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