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  1. Dan

    Aceh's Governor Arrested by KPK?

    There are reports that Irwandi Yusuf, Aceh's governor, has been taken in for questioning by KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission). I am not 100% certain that he has been arrested. I certainly hope not. If this is true, I suspect there will be a great deal of unrest in Aceh...
  2. Dan

    "Indonesia's Crackdown on Gay Men" - NYT

    Readers of this forum will, of course, be familiar with the deteriorating situation for LGBT people in Indonesia. We've read about it many times previously. Still, it is encouraging that the New York Times and other major news outlets are picking up on this story outside of Indonesia. Whether or...
  3. Dan

    So I Found Out I'm Part Malay...

    DNA tests are a fun diversion. I got my test results yesterday and they got pretty much all of our family history right, down to the correct Lumbee and Cherokee ancestry as well as correctly identifying French and Spanish Sephardic Jews. There were a few surprises, though. First, I seem to be...
  4. Dan

    Cross Cultural Marriage Blues

    In about two-and-a-half weeks my wife and two daughters will be going back home to Aceh for 8 months. It was the right time, my oldest daughter is going to start kindergarten next year so this was the last chance for a long-term stay without having to seriously change schools or interrupt their...
  5. Dan

    They're All So Beautiful, Mixed Kids

    I'm starting this thread because of the tangent in another thread, and because I think it's an interesting topic that could get (or maybe not, we're mostly talking about our own families here) too hot for the general population. What Puspa says is true about Americans sometimes having an...
  6. Dan

    World's Oldest Man Ever in Sragen?

    Some incredible (as in, you probably shouldn't believe it) news from Indonesia. A man in Sragen claims to be 145. His date of birth, Dec 31st, 1870, has been verified by the local authorities. I'll wait for an independent review of his age and credentials before I start looking for the fountain...
  7. Dan

    Toilet Cafe in Semarang

    Some weird/fluffball news concerning Indonesia. I'm not normally grossed out, but I dunno... this one makes me feel ill at ease. The pictures are about what you'd expect for a place that serves food out of a toilet...
  8. Dan

    No Longer In Aceh...

    ...but now in your forum. I simplified my name, it was high time. Now the singularity of my e-life and real life is complete.

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