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  1. Dharma Police

    Do you like Indonesian movies?

    Not a fan. Besides The Raid 1 & 2 and Soekarno: Indonesia Merdeka, I don't watch them.
  2. Dharma Police

    Bule living in middle class neighbourhood experience

    And dress modestly. My wife's aunt's house got burglarized a couple of months ago. I can't say it's because she tends to dress flashy, but it's not beyond the realm of possibility that she caught the attention of a thief wearing expensive dresses, jewelry and handbags.
  3. Dharma Police

    Bule living in middle class neighbourhood experience

    It looks similar to the neighborhood I lived in in Semarang. A lot of Indonesians live modestly as far as their home and car, but when you get to know them you quickly see that they're swimming in it. My friend in Semarang kept a very low profile, decent house and Pajero, but would take his...
  4. Dharma Police

    Bule living in middle class neighbourhood experience

    Live in an apartment, and you'll never deal with nosey neighbors. What to expect: things move slower here, such as anything administrative. Assuming you'll move to Jakarta, the traffic crawls most times. People are generally really laid-back when it comes to punctuality, to the point that you...
  5. Dharma Police

    Prime Rib Enquiry

    Your best bet is at a hotel buffet.
  6. Dharma Police

    Black Market Phone Enquiry

    I would just buy the phone here. The warranty issues alone, you'll want the fully-backed warranty for such a costly piece of technology. Especially one that you'll use for a multitude of tasks and entertainment.
  7. Dharma Police

    Mudik Lebaran Travel Ban 6-17 May 2021

    This is going to be an interesting Lebaran. A lot of people will see this as an infringement on their personal and religious freedom.
  8. Dharma Police

    Where's my sober people at?

    We used to buy beer and cigarettes from the corner store at 14 too. My friend's mom would send him down there with a note and they'd sell an adolescent cigarettes, and even liquor. It was a different time in the U.S. My dad likes to imbibe a little too much, but oddly enough I don't remember...
  9. Dharma Police

    Where's my sober people at?

    Interesting. Is it the flavors that do nothing for you, the buzz, or both?
  10. Dharma Police

    Where's my sober people at?

    I hardly ever drink beer, so my preference for Jameson was costing me a lot of money, not to mention the single malts I'd get every other week. I also don't enjoy the feeling anymore. You know what feels fantastic? Seeing the money I saved and planning our next holiday.
  11. Dharma Police

    Where's my sober people at?

    I saved so much money already.
  12. Dharma Police

    Where's my sober people at?

    You were drinking when you were 10 years old?? :nono: Yikes so I take it you felt guilty and responsible for not being home? I also do those kinds of "bargaining". "If only I would have...", "I should've not been so selfish", and so on. It's a natural response to tragic events, or in your case...
  13. Dharma Police

    Where's my sober people at?

    Same here. When I stepped back and analyzed why I drank, I realized it was for the buzz after 3 or 4 whiskeys, or in rare cases a few beers. After that (and there were always "after that's"), it was basically fueling the awful hangover I will inevitably endure. Now I prefer the high I get from...
  14. Dharma Police

    Where's my sober people at?

    Is your drinking problem more like Ted Striker's?
  15. Dharma Police

    Where's my sober people at?

    I didn't want to use the term "teetotaler". It sounds so 20th century / Prohibition era, and it makes us sound like a bunch of pansies! I'm on Day 4 (I "relapsed" after 24 days), so I'm pretty new at this. I doubt that I'll never drink alcohol again, but if I can manage that, so be it. It just...
  16. Dharma Police

    Indonesian born children speaking exclusively English

    There are countless first generation Mexican-Americans like this in L.A. Both parents speak Spanish at home, yet their kids only speak very elementary Spanish. It's more like "Spanglish". Oftentimes their parents speak Spanish to them, and they reply in English with a Chicano accent. You'll hear...
  17. Dharma Police

    American helping Indonesian

    I agree with @Nimbus. Although you have good intentions, it sounds like your friend needs to get well first before considering a change in geography.
  18. Dharma Police

    Bring back masculinity

    How did I miss this all this time? I love troll threads. As far as dresses on men, Kurt Cobain and Anthony Kiedis used to wear dresses on stage, and they're more macho than half the guys out there trying to dress like MMA fighters with flat-brimmed hats.
  19. Dharma Police

    coffee lovers unite

    I finally got everything needed to enjoy my French press - fresh coffee beans and grinder. It took some effort to find a store that carried fresh beans, but like they say third time's the charm. I got Batavia house blend from MP cafe in Senopati. My my my, it's like night and day. I must've...
  20. Dharma Police

    The Indonesian police will now send warning messages to errant social media users.

    He stopped but I would've had to warn my friend to tone it down in those comment sections. It gave me second-hand embarrassment reading some of his rants.

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