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    Do Indonesians say thank you less than others?

    My javanese wife often rails against what she perceives as lack of manners from her compatriots. If she gives e.g. the envelope with cash for a new baby there is rarely any reaction. The same lack of acknowledgement occurs with any other gift. Have others observed this? Is it more a javanese...
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    Foreign place names in Indonesia

    West of Ginteng on the Jember road is a town named Glenmore. A little further on is a signpost to PT Glenfalloch. Have you noticed any other examples?
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    Fast boat jimbaran banyuwangi - any info?

    Thread title says it all. Thanks
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    One of Earth's rainbows has faded away ...

    Vale Dr G Yunupingu.
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    Desperate Measures: On A Mission To Find Cheap Booze In Jakarta

    This from the Australian Broadcasting Commission's Jakarta hack;
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    Diving recommendations Bali

    Some friends, relatively inexperienced divers, are tossing up Tulamben vs Candi Dasa. I'd be grateful for your opinions on the relative merits of these spots. Any recommendations for particular dive companies? Thanks
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    Any recommendations for car rental in Jogja/Solo?

    Can members recommend any rental companies (car without driver) in either city? Rates, contact number etc would be great thanks.
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    Travelling salespersons, kaki lima, morning staples, entertainers

    Let's see who can name the most and most unusual vendors who pass their door either daily or less regularly. In our small dusun: Tempe Tahu Mixed bicycle load fresh stuff form the market incl small portions of fish, veges, jajan The fish and prawn man Fresh meat (by request otherwise go to the...
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    "Arab"/Javanese wedding in Banyuwangi

    Some time ago I was privileged to attend the wedding of a nephew of my wife who married a girl of Arab extraction. I'd previously had next to no contact with this group in Indonesia and had read little about them. There's one family in our town who own a Jamu shop and I've chatted to another...
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    Indonesia gives death row inmates 72 hours notice of impending executions

    Indonesia has given a group of death row inmates 72 hours notice before they face the firing squad.
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    Parasi White Sand Beach - North East Bali

    ​This information is a little dated - Scooter can you provide an update please? We visited this spot, in the week following Hari Raya. It’s about 15 mins driving north from Candidasa and if you get to the petrol station on the right side of the road you’ve overshot the turnoff by 1.5 km...
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    Padang Bai, East Bali

    Here is some recycled info - a couple of years ago so updates welcome please. Some are put off by the ferry terminal located here. If staying on the beachfront this is not an issue (well it wasn’t for us). When arriving in the town one turns off well before the harbour area to access the...
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    Alas Purwo National Park, Pantai Plenkung, G-Land- the south-east tip of Java

    In case there are any Banyuwangi residents or intending visitors to this area here’s some information on this spot. It doesn’t cover all the attractions of this National Park at the south-east tip of Java but internet searches will add more info eg on wildlife spotting, surfing etc. I’d...

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