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  1. Missnaughty

    Invitation for Joining Indonesan Food Feast in Houston

    Hi ya'll!! Greetings from Houston. I'd like to share this event in Houston. Yes, in Houston TX. So please if any of you know anyone that miss Indonesian Food in Houston, let's join this charity and networking lunch. The event will be attended by The Consul General of Indonesia Houston and the...
  2. Missnaughty


    Hello.. I am an old member. Anyone here that still remember me? ?
  3. Missnaughty

    Sekolah Nusa Alam Lombok: me looking for advice

    Hello, I have noticed that recently sekolah Nusa Alam in Lombok built a new site and it suppose to run this fall. The building is massive. Does that mean there are more foreign students in Lombok? Anyone has experience with sekolah Nusa Alam? Long term plan for my family. TIA!
  4. Missnaughty

    Hello From Houston

    Guess what, I finally got my GC .. for the second time!! yaaay.. what a long wait, thanks to President Trump! uugh!! And another good news that I have a new career.. I now am a juragan sambal. Sambal Indo made in Texas.. Got my business license, food manufacture license, Food handler. food...
  5. Missnaughty

    How To Secure A job As A Teacher In Indonesia

    1. A Foreigner (Native English Speaker) 2. No Teaching Experience, except teaching english in EF when still young. 3. Not young anymore.. :frusty: 4. Objection : working in Indonesia with proper documents. 5. Have Master degree in common major but not teaching. Question : What should I do...
  6. Missnaughty

    Lips Or

    Living an expat life, moving about is just like everyday stuffs. A new place meaning new home, new culture, new cars.. plural.. and new friends. As a newcomer.. Like everybody else.. I would like to be accepted.. to fit in .. I am so desperate to be one of them.. So guys.. I need your suggestion...
  7. Missnaughty

    Lombok and The Gilis

    My Favorite place to stay : Tugu Hotel and my own home by the rice field .. :D Fav place to eat whilst in Senggigi : Asmara Restaurant for food, Alberto for the ambience, and La Chill so I can pretend I am in Bali.. most of the time I go to local cuisine that I am sure not suitable for western...
  8. Missnaughty

    Investments and the Indonesian Tax Amnesty 2016 The money influx is pushing Indonesian Bond price up as well as helping the stock market climb up. Is it a good time to invest in property now and sell it a year later or is it time to dispose your property? What is your take?

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