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    What's up with renting here?

    Why does every landlord want a year's rent upfront? Or 6 months and a deposit. I dont even know anyone with that kind of cash lying around. And these arent usually cheap places either 7jt++ a month for a studio or 1 bedroom. Is it just the culture here or is it greed?
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    How to extend B211A

    My Visa expires on the 9th and my useless agent is based in Bali so I would STILL have to go up there and pay his 1.8jt agent fee. Is it possible to go up there and do it in a couple days without a incurring an overstay fee? I'm also trying to open a bank account and he was crooning about all...
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    Why dont Indos give back change?

    Not sure if they cant count or they're trying to rip me off. But it's usually at family mart or indomaret or my laundromat and so on. Always skimming and then shrugging shoulders when I mention it. If it were once or twice then maybe. But it happens quite a bit and I have to stand firm before...

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