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  1. brian@bekasi

    Building Costs

    I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago that we had sold our house and were moving to Manado to build a new house. I am wondering if anyone has an idea of the current building costs in Manado. I have used 5 million per square metre with a small contingency as my budget figure and intend...
  2. brian@bekasi


    Hi all, I have not been a regular visitor over the last couple of years for a number of reasons primarily due to health, a new member of our household, involvement elsewhere and travelling. However, I intend to become a regular again as I always found answers to my question here. My wife has...
  3. brian@bekasi

    The Common Reporting Standard For Taxation

    The International Common Reporting Standard requires countries to share financial and banking information about people who are foreign tax residents of other countries. We have discussed this on the forum before about what may happen and impacts on people with or without TFN's in Indonesia...
  4. brian@bekasi

    We are Cheats

    Australia is in deep shock at the news that the Australian cricket team attempted to cheat on day 3 of the third test against South Africa.The amateurish plot was hatched by the team captain and other members of the leadership team. I appreciate from responses to other threads that there is...
  5. brian@bekasi

    Spousal KITAS to KITAP conversion

    I have started the process to convert my Spousal KITAS to KITAP. My KITAS expires on 3 September 2017. I could only submit the application 14 August as I had to visit Australia and needed my passport. The same thing happened last year so on that occasion I decided to renew the KITAS and wait a...
  6. brian@bekasi

    Why am I different

    I don't mind being different but why do I not have a thank you or add to reputation symbol after my post like everyone else. I only have the report abuse symbol. What have I done to deserve this honour.
  7. brian@bekasi


    I currently have telephone and wifi provided by Telkomsel at a cost of about 330,000 per month. When they banned Netflix months ago, I started to play with VPN's and subscribed to one. However, the VPN's I have tried have tendency to play with your computer and take control of some programs...
  8. brian@bekasi

    Just moved across

    Hi I posted rarely to the old site but certainly followed the advice. I have changed my user name for this site as I was posting under my full name. Thanks for setting this up.

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