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  1. bowochristantyo

    Guitars & Pedal For Sale

    Here's the list of items for sale based on the photo above: Ibanez RX series electric guitar originally made in Japan (rare & discontinued - IDR 3.000.000) Ibanez Performance series acoustic steel-string guitar made in Korea (rare & discontinued - IDR 3.000.000) Cort CEC1-OP acoustic...
  2. bowochristantyo

    Online Private Guitar & Ukulele Lessons

    Online Private Guitar & Ukulele Lessons All guitar & ukulele lessons are provided online (via Zoom/Google Meeting) Lessons are for both kids and adults Lesson schedules can be arranged based on student's availability Lesson materials can be set up based on student's needs Contact person: Bowo...
  3. bowochristantyo

    Private Guitar/Ukulele Lessons in 'New Normal' Way

    Private Guitar/Ukulele lessons are provided for certain areas only such as: Cinere, Pondok Indah & Senopati The health procedures are applied strictly during the direct lesson Lessons also can be provided via online (Zoom/Google Meeting/Skype) Contact Bowo C ( +6281808361136 – WhatsApp) for...
  4. bowochristantyo

    Private Guitar/Ukulele/Mandolin Lessons in South Jakarta

    Private guitar/ukulele/mandolin lessons in South Jakarta. For adults & kids, from beginner to advance. Interested? Contact Bowo C via Whatsapp in +6281808361136
  5. bowochristantyo

    Private Vocal Lesson

    Private vocal lesson in your home, for 5 years old to teenagers. Contact person: Anna Andrea - (WhatsApp +628992228647)
  6. bowochristantyo

    Private Guitar Lesson in South Jakarta

    Hi, Friends :) Learning to play guitar is fun although lots of ups and downs. Playing guitar also helps you to release your stress after having tough work or facing all challenging situations. I have been playing guitar for more than 20 years and i'm still enjoying it until now. I have been...
  7. bowochristantyo

    Private Ukulele Lesson

    Hi, everyone :) My name is Bowo & i'm a professional also experienced guitar/ukulele teacher. For those of you who are interested in learning to play ukulele, i can give you the lesson, for both kids and adults and from beginner to advance. You can take a look at 2 video links of how i play and...
  8. bowochristantyo

    Private Guitar & Ukulele Lessons

    Hi, Friend :) Let me introduced myself first, my name is Bowo Christantyo. I am working as a musician also a guitar/ukulele tutor. I had been teaching guitar at JIS (Jakarta Intercultural School) & (Australian International School) from 2014 until February 2017 then i decided to run my own...
  9. bowochristantyo

    Private Guitar Lesson

    Hi all, For those who want to learn to play guitar, or bass guitar, or even mandolin too, i offer lessons for those instruments and here’s the detailed info about my music lesson below: Bowo C Guitar Center - Private Guitar/Bass/Mandolin Lessons for kids & adults - My teaching approach is...
  10. bowochristantyo


    Hello to all Expat Indo people, I would like to introduce myself first. My name is Bowo Christantyo & just call me Bowo. I am a professional guitar teacher for several international schools at Jakarta such as JIS (Jakarta Intercultural School) & AIS (Australian International School) and...

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