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  1. William King

    Woman sentenced to 3 months for killing teenager with car

    Message is be respectful, pay blood money and show remorse.
  2. William King

    Crazy Aussie in Bali

    He might regret this episode.
  3. William King

    Former head of Dulwich College Shanghai charged with taking illegal drugs in Singapore

    What a dummy, normally you read of backpackers, nightclub owners or the like getting involved in drugs in Asia. But a Head of School ought to know better...
  4. William King

    Why I rarely get excited about the (various) Jakarta sales

    My youngest son loves Jurassic World lego so this caught our attention. First thing to check is does the full discount apply to this model as we were caught earlier in the week with a set of lego that had a 70% discount sign, but underneath a very small sign said selected models only, and...
  5. William King

    Visa on arrival versus Visa exempt?

    Hi Folks, I did a search but couldn't find the correct answer. Can someone helpful please confirm my understanding? I'm due to visit Indonesia for about 6 weeks this summer. I think that the visa exempt option (EU or Aussie passport) allows me 30 days only, and thus will require a trip to...
  6. William King

    Depressed American mother kills child in Bali

    this is sad, seems like father tried to help but could not.
  7. William King

    Aussie deported from Indonesia in honeymoon nightmare Solo honeymoon? Previously deported? Detained and blacklisted? I think we are not getting the full story here...
  8. William King

    Relevant legislation relating to Jilbab in schools

    Hey folks, Quick request please. I can find which particular undang undang governs or says that schools cannot forbid students & staff from wearing jilbab at school. TIA
  9. William King

    Surabaya Church Bombing

    bombing at a church in Surabaya... Apparently 2 killed. :(
  10. William King

    How to get documents Apostilled in Indonesia

    Wondering if this information is still valid ? We need some (Indonesian) documents Apostilled. (or I think they have to be legalised, in this country)
  11. William King

    Sailing Boats in 1000 Islands

    Does does anyone have a contact through which I can rent or charter a sailing boat out of Jakarta/Ancol?
  12. William King

    Pallative care

    FIL is in a bad way. The big C. What options do we have regarding palliative care here? Units? In home help? Not really sure where to start.
  13. William King

    2018/2019 Ashes Campaign.

    England won the toss and elected to bowl, Cook went cheaply, but any hopes the Aussies had of a skittling evaporated in the steamy Brisbane weather as Vince and Stoneman produced England's first 2nd wicket century partnership in a long time. Third session started producing some more action as...
  14. William King

    French student sentenced to five years prison for bringing marijuana into Bali

    What a dummy.... I feel a little bit of pity, mainly for him being so stupid.
  15. William King

    Insomniac or vampire?

    Either way, I don't sleep much... but then again niether did Churchhill or Napoleon....
  16. William King

    What's happening with beer supplies in Jakarta ?

    Dozens (well, the 2 or 3 that I checked) of supermarkets have run out of beer... Is this a city wide issue ? Or am I just incredibly unlucky ? (and yes, I do have a contact for supplier that BrianinBekasi was kind enough to share, I have not called them yet, but will, so I am just wondering.)
  17. William King

    Why would Immigration need to take my passport?

    Today at work immigration visited for a 'routine check'. Asked a bunch of questions, asked to see my passport & KITAS. Showed them copies and explained why I prefer to keep them locked at home. (10 mins away). I ducked home and brought the originals to keep them happy. But then they explained...
  18. William King

    Indonesians to visit The Bahamas

    How ? Apparently, need to get a UK visa. through VFS. We just did that, paid $366 took a day off work and were told we had completed the wrong form. Sent a link to The staff told me to go to this site: select overseas and commonwelath visa... but seems that option...
  19. William King

    Dirty Bomb threat in Bandung Foiled

    Indonesian militants planned to detonate a radioactive dirty bomb, security sources said, highlighting the rising ambitions of extremists to wreak destruction in the world's largest Muslim-majority nation. But experts cast doubt on their expertise, equipment and chances of success. The plot...
  20. William King

    Former insurance agent wins $4 million in damages for bad reference Staggering. I guess this confirms why many employers no longer write written references at all.

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