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  1. Wisnu

    I got frostbite

    Despite my success to reach the summit of mt. Ararat (5137 masl), due to very bad weather (-12C + 55 km/h wind speed) and few thing went wrong, I got frostbite on four of my left hand fingers, not sure the level but middle finger is the worst. Immediately when I reach camp 2. I dipped my...
  2. Wisnu

    [email protected] this what I get

    WFH, no travelling. The city is not lock downed, only curfew but play safe, we stay at home most of time. This what I get with my camera [email protected] by Wisnu Purwanto, on Flickr [email protected] by Wisnu Purwanto, on Flickr [email protected] by Wisnu Purwanto...
  3. Wisnu

    Utah Grand circles (-) Album

    WFH, can't go anywhere except field visit, can't plan for the next trips. In fact, just cancelled my annual leave in April. can only look back our previous trip, this one from last year while we visited our daughter, took the opportunity to test our endurance in the blistering hot 105F (40C)...
  4. Wisnu

    Scotland, October 2019 Album

    An album from our trip to Scotland, October 2019. Not the best weather for traveling, raining almost everyday, but still enjoyed the trip. We are considering to visit again this year or other destination : Wales, Iceland, Ireland? Any suggestions are welcome.
  5. Wisnu

    Bali January 2020 Album

    We visited Bali End of January 2020. As usual, we spent most of our time at diving destination, ie. Tulamben and Padang bai. click below pic to visit our album. will add more pics
  6. Wisnu

    Cloud Storage

    I don't know much about cloud storage although I use free Onedrive to store and transfer some of my pics. Had no intention to put all my pics and video (total approx. 3 TB) in cloud. I put all my pics in my 4TB portable HD and back-up (manual, and not regular) into CDs. But something happened...
  7. Wisnu

    Red Sea Wrecks - diving trip

    We recently joined the Get Wrecked red-sea liveaboard trip Emperor Superior. Here - short report and few pictures as usual. Understood this forum is about expat community in Indonesia. I'm not Indo expat - just a TKI and this thread is not about Indonesia. Seem no restriction in the term and...
  8. Wisnu

    E-statememt CIMB Bank Niaga

    As far as I recall (checked with wife too) I don't have bank account in CIMB Niaga. But since January 2019, I received e-mail from [email protected] with an attachment a PDF file which requires to enter password (birth date in specific format) to open it. Is it legit ? Any body...
  9. Wisnu


    Not sure if this subforum is the right place just to share our experience; might be applicable for living in Indonesia. We have to retire our more than 20 years old Jack lalane power juicer. The motor still powerful, the blade is sharp but found few cracks on plastic parts. For replacement, we...
  10. Wisnu

    Bali Pics - August 2018

    Obviously Bali is the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. Many people say Bali is not attractive anymore, very touristic, over exploited, very artificial, drunk oz, annoying tourist from certain countries, etc. But for us, Bali has its own charm make us keep coming back - even I'm...
  11. Wisnu

    our flight is cancelled

    Just received email notifications from Turkish air, our flight today Jakarta - istanbul - cairo is cancelled due to bad weather in Istanbul. No flight rescheduling. Instead they offer full cancellation or free rebooking within a year. Not very clear. We also not able to contact any number...
  12. Wisnu

    Marsa Shagra, Red Sea - Diving Trip

    I know this expat indo forum. But I do not see any restriction not to post a trip report from outside Indonesia. We just returned from 5 days trip to Marsa Shagra village, 700 km southern Cairo. 1 hour 20 minute flight to Marsa alam then another 30 minute drive to the north. We stayed and...
  13. Wisnu

    Gloria Natapradja: Young girl's dream crushed by Indonesian citizenship law

    I'm more interested with this young lady, if anything we can do to help her. She is innocent. I heard there's small demo to support her to be paskibraka and petition in Edit by Dafluff: Found a link in English. I saw it on today's Jakarta Post, but could not find an online...
  14. Wisnu

    Google Map

    I'm relatively new with smartphone; around 8 months. Usually I use google map to find a location or check the distance and travelling time - that's all. For navigation, I use waze and or built-in navigation system in the car. Today, I dig a bit deeper Google map in my desktop PC, and just...

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