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    Secular Indonesian groups warn govt to save democracy

    And now its time!…….5 rounds of title fight, introducing fighting out of the blue corner, wearing a sarung and sendal jepit and undefeated the challenger ………. and fighting out of the red corner, reigning and defending, the champion from the kornfield kounty…….. (Bruce Buffer ring announcer)
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    Jakarta Post to lay off employees, may go under.

    ' 4:26. Bruh was that you?
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    America on Fire

    OK Proud Boy, stand back and stand by. Let pak RT do his work.
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    Happy Eid!

    Selamat Idul Fitri Wilujeng Lebaran
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    Halo teman-teman

    Lol, maybe El Goretto should’ve up dated his tag line to “Mueller Ain’t Got Anything” or No Collusion, No Obstruction Total Exoneration! :tape:
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    Looking for Indonesian song!

    Update: I found the song by chance it's Deen Assalam (by Sulaiman Al Mughni) this is one of the Indonesian cover :
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    Looking for Indonesian song!

    I don’t know the song but let me take a stab at it could it be Indonesian version of qasida salawat medley accompanied by Indonesian (west Java) drum beat, like this one:
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    The idea of a tax boycott

    IRS will never call you home over tax debt but fake IRS from Mumbai will, and they want to be paid in iTunes cards. Lol
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    Fair and peaceful campaigning?

    Could this "treason charge" be considered as an preemptive strike to neutralize the threat of planned mass demo before it takes place and hijack by violent provocateurs ?
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    Fair and peaceful campaigning?

    but would you take it in a smoothie tho? j/k
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    US Dollars transfer

    I need help too, how do i transfer money from my dream account to my real life account?
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    The face slap lady has done a runner.

    One the second thought, sweaty stinky bad jengkol/petai curry will probably calm her down.
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    Only the Rats are Still on Board.

    Calm down peasants, cal down. Jared and Ivanka are still in da House.
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    Cool video of Indonesian street merchant

    Yep I’m sold, that guy could talk a dog off a sate kambing wagon!
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    Personals and Connections

    ^^I don’t particularly like some of my neighbors. They come to visit me almost every day uninvited and never even bother to knock on the door. They’d hop over the picket fence, through the back door of outhouse bathroom/kitchen and then roll around on the floor or hide behind the doors. These...
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    Three year old plays with python.Vid.

    Lols, it’s just another day at the kampung life. But what is the best way to keep your little ones occupied while your wifey makes your favorite pisang goreng for example? She dices plaintains with a sharp knife, keeps the wood burning in the stove with a wok full of scalding hot oil all the...
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    Where to buy wall digital clock for dementia

    What do you mean there's no day written. On bottom right hand corner of the clock there are short letters for days like SUN MON TUES ....etc Edit: Oh I see what you mean, there's no big fat letters that spelled out the day completely like in your original sample above ( FRIDAY AFTERNOON)...
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    Where to buy wall digital clock for dementia

    Here are some links (I'm not sure if you can open them all). All clocks seem to be in English so you have to improvise a bit by using Indo sticky notes or something. Tokopedia Bukalapak...
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    Where to buy wall digital clock for dementia

    Just super impose on the English wordings (month/date/days etc) with makeshift Indo or even Jawa/Sunda equivalent labels. It may look ghetto but it’ll do the job. Tokopedia/Bukalapak sell it for 500ish ribu Rp.

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