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  1. Nimbus

    America on Fire

    The death of George Floyd sparked protests and riots in major cities The officer was putting his knee on Floyd’s neck for more than 8 minutes, even though Floyd was handcuffed and pleaded that he couldn’t breathe. The...
  2. Nimbus

    IP Address Blocked

    Just letting you guys know that my IP address was blocked by the forum host yesterday. They gave me a recaptcha challenge, but passing it still didn’t let me through. I don’t know whether it’s a known problem that has since been fixed, or an automated script that was active for a short time only.
  3. Nimbus

    Language Shift

    It's no secret that Indonesians tend to be indirect, so euphemisms are common. When a word becomes common, it is no longer soft or polite enough, so a new word is invented for the purpose. Back in the 70's (probably even the 80's) it was normal to refer to your household staff as 'babu' and...
  4. Nimbus

    New Indonesian Citizen

    I saw this on Quora: George is originally from Germany, and he has been living in Indonesia for 30 years. If you are George, congratulations!
  5. Nimbus


    Correction: Until recently there was no word for 'privacy' in Indonesian. Pribadi is the closest translation for 'private'. Usually an adjective is converted into a noun using ke-an affixes, but the word kepribadian means 'personality'. The newly adopted word is 'privasi'...
  6. Nimbus

    Funny True Stories

    This is not mine, I found it on Quora. I laughed my ass off until I was in tears, so I might as well share the joy.
  7. Nimbus

    Lack of Oxford Comma Wins the Day

    Back in Indonesia I was taught to use the so called Oxford comma, but my English 101 teacher in America told me not to use comma after the second to last item. I thought this was settled debate, apparently not.
  8. Nimbus

    Cloudy with a chance of rain and thunderstorms

    No kidding, that's the actual forecast for today. Oh hai In a darker note, 3 cops in Baton Rouge were killed by an attacker, following 5 that was killed in Dallas 10 days ago. These are related to the shooting of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. I researched and wrote tons about the...

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