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  1. kiperto

    Indonesian Singer Posts Instagram Video Accusing American Husband of Abuse and This story doesn't add up even with Common Core math. She called the police and they said it...
  2. kiperto

    How does one Register a new Pre-paid SIM card

    Other than going into the GraPari store and paying TELKOMSEL rates for data how do you now buy and use a SIM with XL, Indosat, or Tri? I do not have a Kartu Keluarga and all of the small shops I have gone to say it's not possible and a foreigner can only register at a GraPari store. Has anyone...
  3. kiperto

    KBRI Singapore Processing Times

    Just finished up getting a new sosial budaya in Singapore and the processing time is now only one working day. As soon as I turned in the paperwork the counter agent said "come back tomorrow" with no need ot ask or anything. Also background for photos have to be white making my red background...
  4. kiperto

    KPPA or Representative Office without an agent

    I have been up and down the BKPM website with no clear answers on this. It seems like the only people who know the ins and outs of setting up a representative office, and are willing to share said information, are the agents that will happily pocket 2000-4000 USD of my small business startup...
  5. kiperto

    Greetings from Sala3

    Hello from the base of Mt. Merbabu; Thanks for letting me register. I have been here in Indonesia for a year and found this forum just a day ago. Have already found lots of useful information. Hope to read more and maybe contribute some day.

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