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  1. ponyexpress

    Covid and Conspi

    This is mad and many seem to believe it. It used to be on the fringe but pandemic moved it to the mainstream
  2. ponyexpress

    Catch me if you can...
  3. ponyexpress

    Another stuffed up US story anf

    Imagine is there is no gun....imagine if the anti lockdown protestors with gun were black....
  4. ponyexpress

    Politics vs Public Health

    Thank friggin god I don’t live in the US. I heard there was no shooting in school for the first time in March since 2002.
  5. ponyexpress

    I love their logic!
  6. ponyexpress

    Being gold digger is a national program

    In order to solve the poverty issue in Indonesia Mr Muhadjir Effendy, the Coordinating Human Development and Culture Minister encourages poor people to work in mining industry.
  7. ponyexpress

    No religion but strictly vegetable

    One day I went to a dinner party with a few of African kids who visited Australia for a few weeks. I sat down next to this girl called Liz, who is a proud vegan. When the food arrived, all of us went for it. At one point, one of the kids asked me why Liz didn't pick any meat dish on the table. I...
  8. ponyexpress

    Another one

    Poor students but another donkey fell into the same hole again and again.
  9. ponyexpress

    Food for thought

    Last year when I was in Bali, I've seen many restaurants offering Chicken Cordon Bleu and 'Australian steak". While the first one is an actual dish, the second one is totally non-existent. But that's not the point I will make. Indonesia has a diverse food due to its rich history. But last time I...
  10. ponyexpress

    The laziest nation on Earth? Apparently Indonesians are amongst the laziest people on earth. They rarely walk.
  11. ponyexpress

    2016 sucks!

    Bowie, Leo Cohen, Prince, Alan Rickman, George Michael, and Carrie Fisher all left us in 2016. Beiber and Iggy Azalea will continue to torture us with the absence of some of these legends.
  12. ponyexpress

    Same but not quite ...

    As you know some might have posted or made a thread about things in Indonesia that are different to your home country. Now it's time to observe anything in your home country that is similar to Indonesia. It could be a habit or street signs etc that remind you of Indonesia. I remember when...
  13. ponyexpress

    A channel for photos

    I know that we can create a thread about photography and post our pics in there. But I think it will be a good idea to have a channel designated specifically for photos.
  14. ponyexpress

    Looking for my lost friends

    Hi guys, I used to hang out with this bule with a gecko tattoo, a guy who constantly plays a tennis ball with his head, and an Indonesian puppet, mr fluff and a wacko called Jim Moffett. I missed joking around with them. Last time I heard, they were kidnapped by a witch and her beloved goblin...

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