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  1. atlantis

    Ekspedisi Bali

    I am looking for a new expedition company able to handle chilled and frozen cargo to Papua, Maluku Utara and Sulawesi Utara from Bali. If you have experienced any/have any contact, please post them. The one I have used were an headache so far. Late pick up, improper packing...etc. Many thanks...
  2. atlantis

    One year already... a personal message to you guys.

    A year ago we were launching Expat Indo Forum. I would like to thank all of you guys to have followed us in this new adventure and for anything you've been posting here. I unfortunately don't have as much time as I had a few years ago to contribute and I certainly will have fewer time in the...
  3. atlantis

    Silet - Account suspended

    The Moderation Team has cancelled the recently created account of user Silet who is a user the Moderation Team had to deal with in the old forum. See here: We have no explicit policy regarding whether...
  4. atlantis

    Who's behind the veil?

    Did you guess it right and how many of your answers were correct? I've scored a weak 3 out of 6! What about you? Though the video is somewhat misleading, it's interesting to see that many women wear an headscarf throughout the world, be it for religious or cultural reason.
  5. atlantis

    Household - clarify everything before hiring someone. A funny story.

    2016 has been difficult for our household. We've successively "lost" the guy who was clearing our lands, gardening and doing pretty much any heavy work involved in the house and the two grannies who were doing some housekeeping and cooking and, not the least, drinking beers with me while...
  6. atlantis

    Roysingh - Account suspended.

    The Moderation Team has cancelled the newly created account of user Roysingh who is a user the Moderation Team had to deal with in the old forum. We have no explicit policy regarding whether banned members from the old forum can register here and some have joined us. However, with regard to...
  7. atlantis

    Hi there, newbie's in the house.

    After reading a post by user Sky Garden in another thread of this great forum, I realized that I've never introduced myself. Well, it's not exactly true, I did it once but it was in another forum I was frequenting, in a thread answering to a troll who was inquiring about my pedigree. My name...
  8. atlantis

    Announcement: Welcome back *Moderator* John Madden and *Moderator* Ponyexpress

    @all users, We know, no bookmakers would have taken the bets, it was written and couldn't be otherwise. This is without surprise but with a GREAT joy that we announce that John Madden and Ponyexpress will complete our team.
  9. atlantis

    10 days already

    There is just 10 days that we have launched our new community and we have already more than 2.800 posts over 200+ threads. We even had a peek day at 408 posts on July 20th and we beat almost everyday our record online users which shows that we start to be seen from the outside, even though we...
  10. atlantis


    I first arrived in Manado in early 2001. I will remember all my life my first day in Manado. I arrived with a plane which was scheduled to arrive around 8 pm and which, Surprise! Surprise!, arrived late to land in the middle of the night. No more taxis and, once everyone left with their families...

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