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    No, within Europe if you wish to use your online banking system to transfer funds, at least to an individual you must use the IBAN code. "Following October 31, 2016, the use of the international bank account number (IBAN) is sufficient and mandatory "
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    How to follow a court case progress

    From what I know all court cases go to sentencing, somehow, sometime. The more money you have the faster it will go, but for drug cases even if you pay, you will spend time in jail for the best case. I read that there are at present a little less than 900 foreigners in Indonesian jails, the vast...
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    IBAN is actually solely for use within Europe, all other countries use swift codes.
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    We Selling Wine, Spirits, Beer, Soju, etc

    At 45,000 yes, note that the price offered here is 46,000... Balifrog mentioned 25/45K : I don't know where to buy a 620ml Bintang at 25K, sorry. For the rest I agree with you and in any case would never do any kind of transaction through whatsapp.
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    We Selling Wine, Spirits, Beer, Soju, etc

    Do you have a shipping licence for liquors, and in a positive case where can you ship within Indonesia ?
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    We Selling Wine, Spirits, Beer, Soju, etc

    At this price Gilbeys Gin is made under licence in Bali. It's not bad at all, as said previously with tonic or else. I haven't tried their Vodka or whisky though, and can't find them either on the market...
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    We Selling Wine, Spirits, Beer, Soju, etc

    It's probably not a 620 ml
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    I'm Marc, French Canadian living in Indonesia since 2001

    Hi Mamat, In Indonesia since 2008, still here even though for a beach resort, this is not an ideal time at all. But we (both WNA) do not have any other home so where would we go instead ? I suppose that in my previous expat life I would have been offered a repatriation by my company, which i...
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    prescription help

    Same as you would back home I suppose. This kind of medication needs a prescription so you need to see a doctor first with both your medications, and see with him whether you may be prescribed the equivalent or the same if available. The doctor will also tell you to which pharmacy you can go, as...
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    PO box / Package receiving service

    Hi, Have you tried Pop Box Asia ? They have several points in Jakarta, and seem to qualify for what you are looking for with an app, a tracking system, an sms warning whenever something arrives for you...
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    COVID19 Indonesia. News Headlines.

    If they fly it's OK ? Basically you are saying that the main thing is that contaminated persons do not travel past your home, if I understand properly this, and your previous message.
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    COVID19 Indonesia. News Headlines.

    I share this fear... we might be heading toward no-too-funny times.
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    Bank recommendations

    We are talking about a bank transfer, so there is no possible third party involved in the transaction aside of the Central Bank of Indonesia, if we can call that a third party. You are the one to decide in which currency the transfer will be made, either in local currency, in which case the...
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    Expired Passport - Valid KITAP

    This is happening to me all the time, and it's really not a difficult thing to handle. First he needs to renew his passport, which can be attached to the old one where the valid KITAP is. Second he needs to go to imigrasi with both passports to ask for the transfer of the Kitap from old to new...
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    Bank recommendations

    Hi, I also have a BCA account and do regular transfers out of the country. I confirm that you may not transfer more than 20,000 USD in one go, unless you provide an extensive documentation in support for this move. But you can do this every month. Is it easy : if you have a business account yes...
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    WNA, wife sponsored Kitap, working without IMTA in PMA

    Hi, I think there is a blur part in the set of laws. You have a wife sponsored KITAP, granted for family reunion. It does not say that you may not work, but the regulation on TKA says that any foreigner working in indonesia must have a work permit. I have also tried to object about the need for...
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    genuine interaction with ppl, is it possible?

    Is it true that as a foreigner you will always be seen as rich ? Yes, definitely. Can you have a genuinly friendly relationship with someone : yes, if that someone has an educational level similar to yours, and living or working experiences abroad or with foreigneres. For the rest of your...
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    Working remotely on a Spouse Kitas for a foreign company

    Can you share similar stories? Good day, In the series "similar stories", I met last year with a young lady -foreigner- who fell in love with an Indonesian. She was working remotely as you plan to although in a totally different field (I mean, she was not an engineer), and together with her...

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