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    ITAP holder, what if I am not able to return on Indonesian soil within one year?

    I am an ITAP (spouse) holder, I left Indonesia on October 31 last year and due to this Wuhan Coronavirus mess I am not sure I will be able to return to Indonesian soil within one year. By law then my ITAP should automatically expire. I would like to know if there is any emergency provision...
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    Libraries accepting books in English?

    If I could have some names, it'd be great.
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    Libraries accepting books in English?

    My move is producing a number of books I and wife have little use for. They're mostly historical romance with some horror, action/adventure and children/young adult books thrown in. There's also Richie Rich and similar western comics. Comics, children and YA books are in Indonesian, the rest in...
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    My Moving Sale is GO!

    I have a DVD player, an electric oven, blender, toaster, a donut maker, an Italian coffee maker (moka) in pretty purple color. The inventory is not complete.
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    My Moving Sale is GO!

    I have books by Michael Crichton, Clive Cussler, and one by Dambisa Moyo (How the West was Lost) that I can easily part with. Any interest?
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    My Moving Sale is GO!

    I'm in Cikarang in fact.
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    My Moving Sale is GO!

    The content of the bottles has been tragically lost in my stomach. No Baccarat but some wines from Italy and France: Jurancon, Chianti...
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    My Moving Sale is GO!

    I have a good amount of stuff accumulated over the years that I'd like to see in new good hands. Among others there are: Books in English Small appliances And not so small ones, like an electric oven and an induction cooker Kitchen tools and implements (Rare) Empty wine/liquor bottles...
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    Induction Cooker Aowa 2 Hobs For Sale

    Due to moving, I am selling an induction cooker Aowa AW55S.E, 2 hobs, 2700 W total. Seldom used and always stored properly in its original box, it can be installed both benchtop and recessed. Selling price is 2 500 000 IDR, negotiable. I strongly prefer a buyer able to pick up the goods up in...
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    Gas cylinder safety

    Cylinders of flammable gas are no joke. Leakage often is from faulty or poorly installed pressure regulators.
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    Coming a bit later... I know City Storage has facilities in Kebon Jeruk and Kelapa Gading. Any storage services in Cikarang/Bekasi?
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    Irrational behaviour in the Jakarta Expats forum on Facebook

    I don't know the people involved, but I know that rational behavior is a scarce commodity online. And the remaining jakartans would have to burn an awful lot of waste to make up for the reduced pollution from vehicular traffic (and cooking fumes).
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    PerPres No 20 Tahun 2018 Penggunaan TKA

    Well, that's interesting. Even my wife wasn't so sure of the best answer for the last question...
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    PerPres No 20 Tahun 2018 Penggunaan TKA

    I hope Jokowi hasn't jumped the shark with this decision. On the other hand, we know his adversaries are ready to exploit any misstep, or even to manufacture some where there is none, against him. There isn't much to do against those tactics except from adopting them yourself. On a lighter not...
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    PerPres No 20 Tahun 2018 Penggunaan TKA

    On the other hand, it would remove the hurdle of IMTA processing (if not the expenses); I'm not sure what the final balance would be. In my opinion, requiring at least a basic knowledge of the language of the place where you want to work and live is only legit. And we're talking about...
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    PerPres No 20 Tahun 2018 Penggunaan TKA

    I don't see requiring language proficiency as a step back. Removing the requirement for IMTA seems to be an improvement, but we'll have to wait for the actual implementation.
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    Perpres No. 20 Thn. 2018 "Tentang Penggunaan Tenaga Kerja Asing": What will actually change?

    Scratch that, I see there already is a thread about it:
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    Perpres No. 20 Thn. 2018 "Tentang Penggunaan Tenaga Kerja Asing": What will actually change? There has been a lot of talk about this executive order, especially from the usual anti-foreigner suspects. In my opinion these new rules aren't that much more lax, and their...
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    Massive oil spill- tragic news for the environment

    I know for a fact thet Indonesia has IMO Tier 2 capabilities for handling oil spills, including cleaning up oiled mangrove forests. What seem to have happened is that Pertamina, cannot say why, took a long time before calling the professionals. And in case of oil spills timing is of essence.

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