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  1. fastpitch17

    Garage Sale in Pondok Indah - 1 Feb 2020

    Tina, that was 4 months ago.
  2. fastpitch17

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    Another reason to have a cabinet overhaul. Getting completely out of control.
  3. fastpitch17

    Brit kidnapped.Matthew Craib (and co) I have the full story.

    How many post does it take for "no one cares" to sink in?
  4. fastpitch17

    America on Fire

    He is a medical malpractice lawyer or ambulance chaser. Said he was protecting private property but was pointing the gun at people walking down a public sidewalk. It may be a sidewalk in front of your house but they do not belong to the home owners. City property. This guy should have been...
  5. fastpitch17

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    You do not need a lock down unless things are completely out of hand. What you need is policies put in place for mandatory masking, social distancing, and limiting public gatherings. Then, those policies need to be strongly enforced and not by some written warning you agree with and say you...
  6. fastpitch17

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    You probably wouldn't know if it made it there or not. Many have applied stigmas to the virus and when they get sick it is kept secret. from others. Too many fear being outcast or that their relative can not be buried where or how they wish. If they are intelligent enough to realize the risk...
  7. fastpitch17

    Moving to Bali July 2021

    I did. Lots of people do.
  8. fastpitch17

    America on Fire

    Black Lives Matter is not about elevating blacks. It's about being treated and respected as others. They don't want separatism, they want inclusion. BLM is not only about blacks. It is about ending the discrimination against all minorities. As it should be.
  9. fastpitch17

    America on Fire

    I remember my first encounter with racism. I grew up in a city where the only blacks were one family with a boy and girl offspring. The father and mother were both teachers at the University of Dubuque. I knew the son. There was no difference between him and any other guy except for the color of...
  10. fastpitch17

    America on Fire

    Changes need to take place in classrooms across the US. Textbooks need to have their white washing of history removed and actual facts put in them. Children learn that yes, there was slavery. They learn of some of the people involved. Unfortunantly, there is a lot of information regarding it...
  11. fastpitch17

    America on Fire

    Fascism. I bet you know a lot about that being you are certainly a fascist hugging supporter. Hey, I have an idea. Why not just admit it and shout out how you are privileged white racist fascist. You seem to admit it here. Go ahead, admit it to all. OK, maybe you're the type that needs some...
  12. fastpitch17

    America on Fire

    Not on front page? Did you even try turning on your TV. It was boadcasted right there in plain sight for everyone to see. No digging required. You are quite correct that I am critical of the government here and in the US. You want to think that the government must be doing good since the...
  13. fastpitch17

    America on Fire

    By the way. The call for racially equal justice is not just because blacks have been killed by police. These murders have brought it to the tipping point. It is about how blacks are treated generally by police. The protest have shown this ugliness over and over with so many times police would...
  14. fastpitch17

    America on Fire

    Funny, I seen it on CNN. So, you think your trump shoukd get some kind of parade for placing one Black, very qualified person in a position they earned? What about all the others that were left on the sidelines that are more qualified than many of his selections? Tell you what, I have read your...
  15. fastpitch17

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    That just may be a good idea. The way the numbers surpass the previous days for positives is trying to send a message. Unfortunately, the Central Government is not paying attention. Oh, they say, "we are testing more so more positives are found," Well, I think testing more is just showing there...
  16. fastpitch17

    America on Fire

    I am totally against any destruction of property and looting but one can hardly place blame on BLM. The far majority of their followers are out there peacefully protesting. They are hardly a terrorist group. Not saying they don't have a few followers who have more intent to bring harm to others...
  17. fastpitch17

    COVID19 Indonesia. News Headlines.

    No, it means that those million that took it any way will just get another one.
  18. fastpitch17

    Stranded on Bali and ATM swallowed my card debacle

    My wife had her US card eaten in a Mandiri ATM. Called the number on the ATM and no answer. Went to her Mandiri Bank and explained to CS what happened and she needs the card back. It was then we leaned that all the ATMs are contracted out and her card would be removed from the bin and destroyed...

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