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    Found AO SEPT Plus Hydrogen Peroxide Contact Lens Solution

    I am a contact lense wearer and have found it extremely difficult to find a Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Solution here in Bali. Happy to spread the word that Sunglass Store next to the Thai Tea shop at level 21 Mall in Denpasar is carrying the AO SEPT PLUS contact lense cleaner. It so far is...
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    After three years I found LYSOL Spray in Bali

    Lysol has been VERY hard to find in Bali and although you can find it in Jakarta and other cities on Tokopedia I have been unable to locate anyone able to ship it to bali due to rules on liquids. The good news is I located it at Grand Lucky Supermarket on Jalan Sunset Road in Bali.
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    Can children born in Bali get a Indo Passport if they Hold Foreign Passport?

    I am an American KITAP holder married to a Indonesian Wife in Bali. We have children born in Bali who have their Indonesian Birth Certificates and Anak KTP ID's. We registered their births with US Embassy and they have US Passports and Citizenship. Is it still possible for them to receive a...

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