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    March 20-23 to hike Gunung Tahan in Malaysia

    Hello everyone, Myself and a friend are hiking Mount Tahan in Malaysia from Merapoh March 20-23 (4 day trek). There are 3 spaces left for locals or foreigners like us. It's expensive to go alone so this is a good chance for anyone fit and enthusiastic but note you will need to be ready in...
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    How to make a document legal and advice on translation of marriage certificate

    Hello there. Wonder if anyone can help out with the following 2 queries. 1. Myself and my partner wish to make an 'addendum' to our prenuptial agreement, because there are some items we wished to include that apparently fall outside the scope of the standard prenup here. That's fine, but put...
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    One space available on epic two-week Gunung Leuser trek, March 2019

    Hello there, I am organizing a trip to perhaps the wildest area remaining in the whole of western Indonesia..... Gunung Leuser. This is a 10-day trek in a very remote, beautiful mountainous area of northern Sumatra, so only for the very fit, tough and experienced. There are 3 of us confirmed...
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    Horrific flying experiences!

    I do a fair bit of flying around Indonesia - usually to hike a mountain I haven't hiked before. As a result have experienced some truly dreadful flying experiences, usually courtesy of Lion. Delays are delays but what happened on Friday (yes the 13th) was genuinely frightening - and not Lion's...
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    Gunung Raung true summit, East Java

    Along with a friend I am hiking Gunung Raung in East Java, Aug 9-11. Toughest peak to summit in Java and also the island's widest crater. Spectacular place but demanding hike. 3 spaces still available for anyone interested in joining this not for profit trip. Note that ropes are required at the...

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